10 Good Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB

Students Fail JAMB

10 Good Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB – The Joint Administration and matriculation board has become a huge physical test run university matriculation examinations (UTME) in all states of the Federation. Since its inception, it has been many people’s Achilles hill as they can dance to music from the trial.

Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB

1. Misinformation

Many students misinform jamb examination. They are given false information which is not related to the halayenda mentioned examination. It is well-known facts that are many myths and think about the examination and examination of the body. All this I should be taken with a pinch of salt as many of the dishes, and not facts.

2. Failure to arrive at the exams venue early

Tears droped from her eyes, I could remember vividly she was a girl, tall and she spoke intelligently. All her tears was in vain, all her pleas was wasted as the invigilator was so tenacious in his decision. Futher findings revealed that she was the best in her secondary school who made history by recording 9A’s in the west African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE ), but on that faithful day she was late to her UME exams. That was how she failed JAMB.

3. Failure to follow the syllables

Jamb syllables were a veritable tool in the hands of students looking into the higher institution. Research has shown that 90 percent of those that excel in the jamb, those who study syllables understand.

4. Poor study habits

The word student only comes from the word study. You may follow the brochure and strictly adhere to the registration processes of Jamb, but the truth remains that academic excellent solely depend on veheminent study of your texts books and other recommended books in the syllables.

5. Failure to register JAMB in time

Time to wait for a human disaster is a popular adage. Tick tick tick clock is an additional word. The fact that the jamb has enough time to register in the country for candidates to register late for examination. Procrastinating to register on time all the many successors jamb ume Studies.

6. Deafness to attendance

You must be all ears while writing your exams. Are you writing with your ears? Of course not, so candidates have to pay adequate attention to attendance while writing the exams.  Your attendance indicates your present in the exams and failure to answer to it means that you did not write the exams.

7. Computer illiteracy

Yes, we are in the computer computer age where computer and other computer-related devices can be accessd, yet still computer illiterate ice among young school leavers. Since 2014, jamb progressed from the rostrum of the ppt to the rostrum of CBT and a way to use computers to test.

8. Incomplete materials

Yes, this has possed a problem to many candidates. The exams day is like an injury period which a simple mistake can hurt for life. Before departing for the exams hall check out for your materials such as Jamb print out, Passports etc. Read the necessary instructions and adhere to it. Where you are to bring a colour print-out please don’t bring a black and white print out.

9. Unconducive/unequipped exams center

One great thing and a great threat to the jamb in Nigeria is poor and unequipped test conditions. These are considered a beneficial effect on many students. The development of the ppt (paper and pencil test) to CBT (Computer Base Test) does not change the jamb’s poor environmental examination.

10. Laisez-faire attitude towards Brochure:

The syllables has been a helpful tool, but many students have dispute the facts that the brochure is another veritable tool for which students can  use to scale through the hurdles of jamb. Studnets preparing for UME have neglected the study of the brochure.  Some register to study a course blindly which may not be offered by their choice university.


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