Everybody owns a phone and people will like to upgrade to any latest phone depending on its android version. I made a little research and I discovered that some phones must always have all its quality completely before it can be able to function very well.

These are the things you have to check properly before buying an android phones.

  1. Screen Size/Resolution

This is the size of the device’s screen. It is most likely measured in inches or cm/mm.

Are you a fan of large screen phone, then you should be looking at a device in the range or larger than 5.5/6.0 Inches.

  1. Android OS

Make sure it’s running on the most recent version of Android OS. As at the time of this writing, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) should be your minimum target though Lollipop ain’t bad either, just make sure it has OTA update to receive latest Android updates.

  1. Camera Pixels (Front & Rear)

We are all about the power of our cameras, taking high definition selfies. So make sure your front facing camera is up to the task, the rear should also be a monster.
You should be looking at a device in the range of-(Minimum: Front=5MP & Rear=8MP) If you so love snapping pictures at night then consider buying a phone with dual lead light, going for double lead rear camera light is perfect even though some single lead camera phone could appear brighter.

  1. Battery Capacity

In a country like Nigeria with rapid decadence in electricity, it’s very paramount you don’t overlook this.

The capacity of your phone should be nothing less than 4000mAh unless you want to go about carrying a power bank. 3000mAh battery capacity is manageable though.

  1. Network Type

This is optional but important if you’re looking to the future of Naija telecommunication providers.

Our mobile network providers can only provide max 3.75G internet speed. Having a device that can power 4G connection is way cooler and a plus considering the fact that it will in future cover for incoming 4G LTE network.

With Ntel about to roll out its 4G connection in selected states , don’t be left behind.

  1. Processor Speed

This covers the response behaviour of your phone apps and services.

If you’re the type that enjoys playing high graphics games then you should endeavour to go for a minimum of 1.4GHz. (Hexacore or Octacore).


Don’t hesitate to get a device with minimum of 2GB Ram.

With that, you can run more apps & services at once without experiencing a crash or your phone hanging unnecessarily.

  1. Storage Capacity

Internal storage capacity of your phone should be at least 16GB and expandable with SD card. With this you can install more apps plus save more pictures, documents, videos and music.

  1. Quick Charging Feature (Flash Charge)

Phones are recently built with ‘Quick Charge’, this features allows you to be able to charge your phone quicker and faster using a ‘Quick Charge’ charger.

In addition to the specs above, your desired Android phone will be much more complete with such feature. I’m really enjoying it here, writing from experience.

10.OTA Update

Why get a device without OTA updates? It can be very frustrating seeing you friend get firmware updates on his/her device and you not getting, don’t make the mistake.

Make sure you confirm that phone will constantly receive updates to firmware, services and functionality before making a purchase.

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