2017 Seminar -TBC Giants Presents the Billion Coin Crypto Currency Live In Enugu


TBC Giants Presents The Billion Coin Crypto Currency Live In Enugu – The Billion Coin (TBC) will be live in Enugu as they will hold a seminar on The Billion Coin Crypto Currency and everybody is expected to be there because the platform will enable you to become financially free.

The Billion Coin Crypto Currency (TBC) – Crypto currency is simply digital money. Bill gates predicted that a time is coming when financial transactions will be digital, universal and almost free and the time has come. It is a new form of money that will bring about a revolution in the already collapsing world’s economy. It is the 7th greatest disruption in finance just as the Internet disrupted the post office system and cryptocurrency with the underlying technology –blockchain technology is 5 times bigger than the Internet.

Don’t forget that


1. BTC takes 10 mins. to 30 mins. for Confirmations whereas *TBC* takes only 2 mins. to get your Transaction Confirmed
2. BTC has only 21 Million Coins whereas *TBC* has 1 Billion Coins
3. BTC took 3-4 years to get the people attention but *TBC* is already much more popular in just 8 months
4. Current BTC Supply in the Market is just 15.9 Million & the rest 5.1 Million will get generated in next 125 years wheres *TBC* Current Supply in the Market is 500 Million & next 500 Million generation has already got started
5. The price of BTC is dependent on the market but the price of *TBC* gets increased 1% – 5% daily depending upon the number of new Members joining the *TBC*
6. The price of BTC could even hit as Low as 1$ or as high as 1 Million $ but the price of *TBC* will never come down & in October 2017 the price of 1 *TBC* will be 1 Billion $ per *TBC* Coin
Investing in BITCOIN is GOOD but investing in *TBC* is better

2017 Seminar -TBC Giants Presents The Billion Coin Crypto Currency Live In Enugu

TBC Giants will be live in Enugu and you are expected to come and learn, mine and earn at

Venue: Blue Island hotel before new heaven junction, Bisala Road Enugu

Date: 14th January 2017

Time: 11: 00 am

For More Details: Sms “Reserve Seat” Name, Location To 08068440197, 08020574883

Why Should You Consider Investing In Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital money.

It is inflation-proof

IT is not controlled by any central bank

IT offers lowest transaction cost.

Can be used to transact business across borders without going through any intermediaries

Can be converted to fiat currencies

Offers high return on investment.

Allows you to earn income beyond the shore of your country

Can be traded like other currencies

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