7 must-have skills in a graphic designer’s resume

The resume describes the designer’s skills that are not so obvious if you look only at the portfolio. A Professional Graphic Designer must possess a number of skills that, sooner or later, will make him or her a Successful Graphic Designer. Now we will carefully consider what kind of skills those are.

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1. The ability to find effective solutions

Any design is a visual solution that allows a person to interact with a device or a website. And your resume should show that you can do more than just create a design, it must convince the clients that you can offer a solution to their problems.

2. Marketing

Show the customer your ability to promote projects. At least, your own ones! Keep informed about the latest SEO technologies, advertising and ways to promote products and services through marketing campaigns.

3. Design of printed materials

Most of the designer’s work is related to digital concepts, but he or she must know how to create a design for physical media – posters, labels, leaflets, billboards, etc.

4. Digital Design

Even if the designer focuses exclusively on printed media, it is vitally important for him or her to know about web design.

Do you know several programming languages? Can you work with content management systems? Do you have the tools to quickly create a website? Describe all of these skills in detail.

5. Knowledge of HTML

If the designer offering their services has basic HTML skills, they will get a competitive advantage over other applicants who do not know HTML. Can you read the site code or make changes to CSS? Make sure to include this information in your CV!

6. Software

The ability to work with software that is not directly related to graphic design is an important skill today! Provide a summary of the level of your skills and tell the client about your certificates or special experience in design.

7. Social Media and Networking

Show that you understand the characteristics of various social networks and understand the types of visual elements of the main media channels: provide links to your accounts in social media and professional communities in your CV – this will help the potential clients to see how well you have mastered the working tools in social media.

All the skills fall into two categories: indispensable and complementary. And often the latter are not less important. It often happens that a skill that seems quite ordinary to you can become a decisive factor for a potential client!

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