Western Union | Requirement for Transactions

Western Union | Requirement for Transactions

Western Union is an international money transfer service to which Most banks is an agent.


1. Cash-to-Cash Transfers.

2. Inward transfers from other countries. Outbound transfers will soon commence. Fast (available instantly).

3. Available nationwide at all Bank locations Naira pay-out.

4. Receiver must have an account with a Bank or get a referee who does.

5. Secure means of transfer

6. Easy and Convenient.

7. Available 7 days a week in selected locations.

8. Receiver does not pay any fee.

9. Transfer can be received on presenting duly completed receiver’s form and valid ID.

10. Receiver to impute PIN (last 4 digits of the Money Transfer Control Number MTCN) to PIN pad as a 2nd level security/authorization.

Target Market:

Mass markets.

Tourists Business.

people Foreigners.


Students Professionals.



Customer provides the following:


Test Question & Answer.

Sender’s full name.

Valid ID card.

Expected amount.

Originating Country (City/State included for transfers from USA and Mexico).

Receiver’s name and address.

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Western Union | Requirement for Transactions

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Western Union | Requirement for Transactions

Processes of Western Union Transaction.

Operator into the transaction MTCN (6 digits).

System needs to receive the 4-digit PIN code.

Receiver enter the PIN on the PIN pad Operator keys in the answer to the test question.

Operator matches the rest of the data transfer in the system and that the complete “To Receive Money Form”.

Operator enter ID details and address of the receiver if successful, continue to obey.

System requirements receiver’s PIN code to make payments.

Once the PIN code is entered again, the payment was effected on the system.

Operator performance and efficient selection process and the release of cash received.

Operator original files copied TRMF a copy of the ID 136 Money.

What do I require to collect transfers through Western Union?

Complete the “To Receive Money” Form and provide.

Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

Amount expected.

Sender’s name & country of origin (city or state for US Outbound transfers).

Receiver’s name and address.

Beneficiary’s telephone number.

Test Question and Answer.

Means of identification.

Non-account holders must be identified by a referee.

Why did the operator say there is no match for my transaction?

A “No match found” transaction could occur as a result of the following:

Wrong MTCN

Stale transfer

Already paid transfer

Restriction to a particular currency/Country.

What do I do if my transfer has been adjudged to be a No Match?

Contact your Sender to investigate with Western Union International.

Can I choose the payout currency I desire?

NO, All transfers are now received in Naira.

Why is the rate of conversion for transactions different from the CBN/parallel market rate?

Banks does not determine the rate of conversion for the transactions. The rates are fixed by western union system and are not subject to manipulation by the bank.

Why did the operator keep a copy of my form after refusing payment?

The operator keeps the original copy of the form as a proof that the customer visited the location and the transfer was not paid based on the reason(s) annotated on the form.

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