Claritta Registration | Compensation Plan & Login Details –

Claritta Registration | Compensation Plan & Login Details

Claritta is a Member-to-Member Donation and Referral Platform. You donate N1,500 Fellow Claritta Member, and in 7 days time you’ll be matched with 4 Claritta Members Who Will donate N1,500 Each to you.

How Claritta Works:

* Become a Claritta member by registering on the website.

How to Cover People

Donations Received

Members you’ve been matched To Receive Money From

Donations Made

Your Referral Earnings

Your Earnings

View Members You’ve Referred

* You (bench with 2 other members) will be automatically matched with an existing Claritta member.

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* You donate N1,500 That member you’ve Been matched with, and your Claritta account Will be instantly De-De-Activated, and you’ll be Absenger to cover people

* You can make up to 3 donations at the Same Time, and for Each N1,500 donation you make, Claritta matches you in 1 week’s time with 4 WHO members donate N1,500 Each to you. 2 If you make donations (of N1,500 Each), then in 7 days time you’ll get matched with 8 People Who Will pay you N1,500 Each (making N15,000 in total). Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time. Donate N1,500 twice, get N12,000 in 7 days time. Donate N1,500 Three times, get N18,000 in 7 days time.

Trunk That’s Not All

* Whenever you cover a new member to, and that person you cover joins and donates N1,500, you’ll be immediately matched in 3 days time with 3 Claritta members Who Will Each donate N1,500 to you. If you cover 1 new member, you get matched to receive N4,500 in 3 days time, and if you cover 2 new members, you get matched to receive N9,000 in 3 days time. Want if you’re Claritta Member, and you cover just 4 people a week, you earn N18,000 Every week (Grave is N72,000 a month). And if you can cover 6 people a week as a Claritta Member, you earn N27,000 Every week (N108,000 a month).

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  1. I be been unable to login to my account since yesterday, and I ve paid a member I need to upload to get confirmed. What should I do now?

  2. I forget my pass work and I sent you guys email since Friday but you guys are yet to respond

  3. Florence Bola says:

    I am happy to get to this place where I can speak my mind. I saw a link talking about claritta I join and reach out to my friend they also join the first problem I face was during my registration d person I was match with, I call bf payment to tell him to confirm me I try the 2numbers given non of it went through d following morning d number went through but the owner did not pik I drop msg on machine all d same bf someone now gave me d advice to dele d match and machine match me with another man which I call he pik and pay sumitt d prove, now I have registered 3people under me, still have another two people to registered but contrary to d information given no one as ever match with me , of wich they said it will be automatic if u reffer 3people so whats going on sir’s and ma , thanks

  4. I also paid a member since yesterday and hv not confirm my payment hv called him telling me someone as not confirm him dat is why he is hvin issue, hv send proof of payment to him as well

  5. I forgot my password am unable to to access my account how do I go about it

  6. Please need d rigt step in referring someone must u use ur link on HOW TO REFER OR can i use d claritta at d bottow of dat page that will take me to TAP TO JOIN ND HOW CAN I SEE MY REFERAL BONUS

  7. Pls I paid someone and tried logging in to upload proof of payment, so the network didn’t allow me do I tried multiple times, the next thing I saw was I’ve been bared. Pls how do I go about it

  8. Alozie immaculata says:

    Pls since yesterday,i cldnt upload my proof of payment n d person has received the money. What do I do. I sent her a message on her watsapp n she didn’t reply but she has read d message. She picked my calls when I was abt to pay n when I paid. Can she confirm without the upload.

    • you must upload before confirmation, but for now, you will not be penalized because they are on maintenance of the site

  9. Pls how can I visit Claritta site again everytime I try to visit their website error always dis is what I use to visit dem b4 or Claritta. com

  10. Gud day admin I hv been trying to log to my but it was showing error since yesterday evening even up to dis moment….pls wat is wrong with d system I just paid yesterday…

  11. Since yesterday, I have been unable to login.. And i paid soneone yesterday of which i need to upload the proof. How do i go about it. Pls Admin help me out. Thanks

  12. Am tired of this error anytime I tried to log in to my account on claritta. net.. Does dis claritta exist anymore because since yesterday afternoon I was unable to log in to my account..D most painful aspect is dat I donated to two members yesterday…

  13. What’s happening……I donated since last week Monday all the people i reffered and both my donation and referral bonus are not matched…The most annoying part is that the people i registered self ain’t got paid too

  14. Please what’s Claritta email cus their aint going

  15. josy diamond says:

    I have paid to a member since on the 4th and for days now I have not been able to login. what’s happening pls????

  16. Gud mrni,
    please how long those it take to do maintenance on this site. last two weeks maintenance was carried out that affect my brother payment. now people can not access it again. I think you should make a better plan that will accommodate many people. when is the network coming up?

  17. Ujunwa loveth says:

    Admin please snice three days ego I have being unable to login into my account. Pls help me

  18. Hello admin, I’ve been registered for two weeks now, but it’s quite unfortunate that I don’t even have access to my account. I should have been merged by now

  19. pls i want to register nd i didn’t d site.pls d address to ds number 08063350995.tnx

  20. mannir abdullahi says:

    admin I have paid the person dat matched with and he did not confirm me since in the morning I called him dat he should confirm me he said no problem but he couldn’t what should I do

  21. I am mercypearl by username, it’s over a week I registered and of which I had brought in 2 referrals dt same day, I was supposed to be matched on Sunday fr d referrals but I have not been matched. Apart from the referral bonus, I haven’t gotten a dine for the donation I made. I have more people who are willing to join but because mine turned out like this it discouraged them… I have sent many mails without getting a reply. please attend to this thanks. full name Ayeni Anuoluwapo.

  22. I register since 4th of February also make payment by transfer I was confirm of Sunday 5th of February since I hv not been merge till now why can’t even access d site again 24th of February what is going on when am I going to b merge username francisremsy

  23. claritta is a scammer,i made payment and my people also did so since early of January till date nobody pays me.the only site I’m running now is twinkas,they always mean what they say. “twinkas na baba “.no matter the condition they will surely be with you.

  24. Claritta is not real I just waste my money getin to 2month now no sigh of payment.this not real .

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