Kidney Health –Functions and Causes of Kidney with Its Symptoms and Treatment

Kidney Health –Functions and Causes of Kidney with Its Symptoms and Treatment – one of the most expensive health diseases in human body is the kidney. This has become a common health problem in Nigeria as most cases always result to chronic disease.

Kidney As A Function – here, I will be writing only on the functions, causes, disorder (disease), symptoms, prevention and treatment of human kidney. Kidney as one of the organs in human body is located in the mid-section on either side of the spine in the middle of your back. The functional unit of a kidney is called Nephron.

Functions of Kidney

The kidney is responsible for many activities in human system such as;

  • Detoxification of blood
  • Maintenance of balance of salt concentration in blood
  • Control of pressure by producing an enzyme called rennin

 Parts Of Kidney – diagrammatically, the kidney parts are urethra, bladder, urether, two bean-like kidney

Causes Of Kidney Disorder (Diseases) – in this condition, when the kidneys are damaged, waste product and fluids can build up in your body causing

Oedema in Your System,



 Insomnia (Poor Sleep),

Shortness of Breath.

If you don’t treat these ailments, the disease kidney may eventually stop working completely and of course lead to kidney failure

Note; a normal urine is yellow or pale yellow in colour

Types Of Kidney Disease – kidney disease are of many types and very few will be listed below

Anagelgis Nephropathy

Diabetic Nephropathy

Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

Kidney Stone

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Disease


Advanced Aging


Systemic Lupus Erythromatosis

Increased Blood Pressure


Prevention and Treatment of Kidney Disease

Avoid self medication

Reduce the intake of salty foods

Reduce the intake of protein rich diet

Kidney dialysis and transplant

Monitor the intake of alcoholic consumption


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