Maltina Dance All Registration 2017 & Audition Date | Maltina Dance All Audition Venue –

This is to inform the public that Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration & Audition have not started yet. To use these and they do not know about many Maltina Dance All 2017, we warned you.

Family Talent Show went across country from Lagos to Benin, Enugu, Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt, in search of role they represent the best in Nigeria with fun and excitement. The Maltina dance all team spread tentacles across six geographical zones of the nation, and looking for the best talent in dance, with the help of family par excellence dance.

Maltina Dance All Registration 2017 – How to participate in Maltina Dance All 2017 Registration & Audition

Interested Nigeria of all ages can fill in forms from MDA official website (, and can pick up / drop off forms to keep.

Forms will also be available at the screening centers to help those who do not have to fill in forms back.

The regional competition is open to all age categories, while only dancer in the 18-30 age categories reached the Reality / Academy.

Maltina Dance All Registration 2017 – How to Register Season 10 Maltina Dance All Show

• Click here to Download Maltina theme song.

• Record a video of you and your friends or family dancing to drop theme song.

• Fill in the entry form.

• Upload your dance video, and submit.

Maltina Dance All Registration 2017 & view Date | Maltina Dance All looked Venue –

Important: By submitting contestant (s) watch video, User agrees that any use of the contestant (s) appearance can watch video edited, cut, rearranged, usually, a label or otherwise revised, if applicable, Production Team depending on the program and exposed on any media – online, TV, Press, Outdoor and BTL, and that any such use will not be enough to User or contestant (s) to get a result, benefits, fees or other compensation.

Maltina Dance All Registration 2017 – Rules on How to Register Maltina Dance All Season 10 Show

• All fields must be entered correctly.

• Applicants must be used Maltina theme song recorded video.

• Islam an entry is taken as accepted Competition Rules and the terms and conditions.

• Top like videos will stand a better chance of being selected for the next stage of the competition.

Maltina Dance All Registration 2017 – think of Every Family Needs

• Basic: Dancer (s) must be unique style

• Uniqueness: Dancer (s) must be an element that stands him / her out

• Versatility: Dancer (s) must show a minimum dictionary levels

• Surprise element: Dancer (s) must unleash something out of the box during the performance. i.e unpredictable

• musicality: Dancer (s) must travel enthusiastic response to rhythmic changes / changes in color.

• Delivery m: Dancer (s) body movements must match. Exhibiting confidence in delivery.

• Entertainment: Dancer (s) must be Fun. Routine unnecessary labor.

Maltina Dance All Registration 2017 – Maltina Dance All TV Schedule

• NTA Network – 5:30 PM Daily

• GALAXY Network – 8pm daily

• SliverBird Network – 8pm daily

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