MMM 2017 – A deadly Defense of MMM Nigeria

MMM 2017 – A deadly Defense of MMM Nigeria – The acronym MMM recent times cannot be confused for Money Making Machine (The previously popular meaning of the acronym). It stands for Mavrodi Mundial Movement, a scheme that shares the concept of social contributions. MMM seek to create a community where people are not prepared prizes each.

These donations are not necessary, and that they were forced to. However, there is little use in combination to help. This advantage has helped to bring people on board this scheme and so far so good. MMM advices not only offering financial products and does not have an account, so there is no direct deposit.

MMM is currently in about 118 countries. In recent times, it has always faced the government and media persecution where it is, and the reason is not far-fetched. MMM could mean an end to the current world order.

However, the focus of this article on MMM Global, but MMM Nigeria. Before December while MMM Nigeria’s share of the government and media persecution but everything comes in on Tuesday, 13th of December 2016, when, as is routine MMM took a very ad temporary measure to prevent an imbalance in the system because the usual festive added, the system was facing more demand and little supply, and issues such as fake proof of payment and default in payment.

MMM 2017 – A deadly Defense of MMM Nigeria 

The workers in the light of the rapid growth wise, albeit Latest action to further rise following delivery, froze pay for 30days. In a frenzy, such a measure should have gone unnoticed as this temporary.

Alas, the media jumped on this and chose to spread false news, insisting stating emphatically in the articles that Mmm Nigeria has come to an end. Headlines overboard as they were invented to create fear in the minds of people

Now, let me show you something. Mmm Nigeria, since the inception of millions evidence. I, for one, am a living witness (as Christian brothers). Mmm help me solve my professional examination bills worth N58,000, which Although parents can not afford. Back at home, we actually live from hand to mouth, school fees for this semester seemed to heal, but through the help I got from Mmm can pay up to write the end of the session examination, now I get help by January to help me through annual rental house that is quite expensive since school hostels are holding people.

A friend, James, who stopped the school earlier this year because dad had absconded with a woman, and left him to fend for himself. dream of working in a financial institution and dashed his very eyes. He was not able to buy books, pay tuition fees, he squat wives who followed him with contempt because he can not help house. Three months ago, he returned to school, having received support from Mmm, hopefully back on the tears wiped away.

Mmm participants are almost keep him in school. A man who sold in front of the hostel door, Papa Chibueze, who was there for quite a number of years, with more children than he can prepare for, two of the children were out of school and malnutrition clearly a problem for this 8. Today the house daily, kids would sit at home doing nothing, and watching their contemporaries commute to and from school. Special first child very pleasant and always asked questions when the opportunity to. He apparently hoped to become like us, go to school and be a useful tool in community. The recession knocked his father work remotely, to make things worse for the family Mmm come, his dad was recently Guider, he can make all of them in good schools move to a suitable house and expanded business. Again, Mmm candidates to put a smile on the face of a family.

Mmm currently has between about 1-3million members, this includes families, students, workers e.t.c. These people do not feel confident gnashing of the current recession. People are happy and dreams are saved. However, the elite should you see this, you envisage the amount of harm caused by spreading fear. They think they are helping but, as you sent me, and some kind of school. They are about to kill a dream than a thousand Nigerian students and future leaders who support Mmm see them in large factory. They want families back to square one, like Papa Chibueze first growth in a deadly nuisance. Yes, they feel smart for spreading fear and curse this scheme, though they declined to consider how horrible it will be if the author of this article no longer go to school because of smartness

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