Nigeria Can Now Upload 1999 Constitution Says Facebook Owners

Nigeria can now upload 1999 constitution on its platforms – the Public Policy Director, Facebook, Africa; Ms Ebele Okobi says Nigerians are free to upload the country’s 1999 constitution on its platform.
Where does she made this stamen? “Media, Citizens and Good Governance Conference’’ in Abuja.

Can facebook create content? Do Nigerians have passionate over somethings? These are some questions we need to hear, and we need an explanation for this. Let’s hear this out, ‘`Facebook doesn’t create content; we create a platform and then people get content; if Nigerians are passionate about the constitution, they can put it on facebook; it’s free.

Does Nigerian have rules over something’s? Yes they have rule. We do have rules because we want to create a community that maximizes people feeling safe online.”

When this platform of Nigerian constitution is finally set up, can it be misuse by people? Let’s hear her out.

On alleged misuse of facebook, Okobi defended users by saying that the fact that people express themselves freely on the platform does not amount to abuse.

How can you proof that there will not be any misuse of contents and abusive words in this platforms?

She said that the organization had content policy, adding that there were some specific things that it would not allow on its platform.


What are the things that are not allowed here in the platform that may soon be set up? Now let’s know those things so that we can be very sure that the policy will keep to its standard

“We don’t allow hate speech, certain type of nudity and violence; we have a community standard.”

we have heard her, so what do you think about the new development that Nigeria can now upload 1999 constitution on its platforms?

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