Npower November and December 2017 Payment of Stipends Latest Updates –

Npower November and December 2017 Payment of Stipends Latest Updates –

Npower Payment of Stipends Latest Updates

Npower November and December 2017: This is a guide on the latest about the Npower November stipends as well as the December stipends which took some time before it was paid to some beneficiaries but with the Christmas celebrations around the corner and the rumoured 13th month payment, all eyes are now on bank alert to see if these payment will be made, here I will tell you if they will be paid or if the expected 13th will eventually come. Please read more to find out.

Like I told many who have been following this blog, the delay in the payment of the November Npower monthly stipends can be attributed to the delay in the sharing of the Federal Allocation accrue to government for the month of October, which was shared on the 5th of October 2017, when the Revenue, Mobilization and Fiscal Commission met in Abuja and shared the accrue funds among the three theirs of Government –Federal, State and Local Government.

The November 2017 Stipend

The November 2017 stipends for most Volunteers came a bit to late compare to the previous which was paid by October 10, 2017. The November stipends stayed till December 13, 2017 before payment were effected. Most beneficiaries stated receiving alert between 8pm- midnight of the same day. Some even receive payment the next day being December 14. Please if you are yet to receive payment for the month of November please contact the Npower team in one of their numerous social media handle and explain the details to them stating your place of primary assignment, bank account number, BVN, etc.

The December 2017 Npower stipends

The December stipends for Npower beneficiaries will be come as normal as the Christmas celebrations hot up. The payment may be paid between December 27- 29, 2017. This will come in systematic order as well since the new Npower intake of 2017 batch will be paid in December as well after their physical verification has been completed and posting letter given to them.

Please note that there will be no 13th month payment to any Npower beneficiaries as it is just a scheme meant to empower the youth for future sustenance. if the Corp.

member s are eventually made permanent then the issue of 13th month will be paid to them but for now, enjoy your stipends while the program last and make sure you save and make good use of your stipends for a better tomorrow,


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