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O-Give Nigeria Registration | Compensational Plans & Login Details

WHAT IS O-give

O-give is a financial platform that enables participants to achieve their ambitions without pressure. Participants can use in the development of the platform to get as 5 million cycle.


The startup account of the first level is 5000 naira. At each level, expected little to do four times to install the upgrade installed half.

WHAT IF I don’t want to upgrade?

To perform the upgrade, just click “I cannot pay” button to establish your account. You can keep your account at any time by clicking the continue button.

HOW I confirm OF person I pay to?

Always call candidates before making a payment, otherwise click “I cannot” pay button, but remember to resume your account so that you can quickly rematched.

I spend MY upgrade money, what can I do?

Find the money to pay your effective rate or loan. Example, quality and 20,000 will fit four people to 80,000. At this level, your quality will be 40K above the 40,000 share with money.

How can I have multiple accounts?

Get a new bank account, a new phone number and a new email. (Note, you cannot use the same bank account, phone number, and email address to register on the platform twice).

How I fit?

You can fit in under a week. The matching leverages on the development of the O-feeding platform, so it is very possible for you to be fit in a few minutes.

HOW I win?

Check your account three times a day, call all the payee and then quickly upgrade

What do I get for E. MEN?

Although there are no links or supplement, but recruiters are rewarded from time to time.


O-give was set up to help the group raise money for a dream investment / business. Participants o-feeding are so strong and attractive target. For this reason, an effort is not connected to the lamp, the practical support variable, to help hold the hand of the participants for their goals O-give means to bring about an explosion of young entrepreneurs, the meeting with dreams of going beyond their own expectations, old privileges’. O-give believes anyone can grow out of poverty and get to live a life everything right. O-feeding is able to achieve all this by building a community that really leverages the development of the society ie when you receive good levels, pressed down, shaken together, which will last run on.

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Steps for Success

Stage Pay believe Sample dream

NGN 5,000 10,000 20,000 NGN  example: Do not name search for your new business name in bilateral affairs

Two NGN 10,000 20,000 40,000 NGN example: Begin to sign your company implement business name

Three NGN 20,000 NGN 80,000 40,000 NGN examples: Pay for your business registration

Four NGN 40,000 NGN 160,000 NGN 80,000 example: Train for your new bussiness idea form top centers, some related research

Five NGN 80,000 NGN 320,000 NGN 160,000 eg: Start small, buy m try your hand on what you have seen, if your idea works

Six NGN 160,000 NGN 640,000 NGN 320,000 eg: Get yourself space or change your opinion if it does not work

Seven NGN 320,000 NGN 1,280,000 NGN 640,000 eg: Fix up your work space

Eight NGN 640,000 NGN 2,560,000 NGN 1,280,000 eg: surgical first

Nine NGN 1,280,000 NGN 5,120,000 All eg: expand your bussines

Ten NGN 5,000 10,000 20,000 NGN example: Get a bussiness and grow your economy



  1. Esther jeremiah sunday says:

    i register and pay money one week and three days know i have not been pay but to rematch me to pay for another person.

  2. Esther JeremiahJimmy says:

    i have match to pay on23/01/2017 and i paid there have not been pay me instead match another person for me to pay the second time why?

  3. Esther Jeremiah Jimmy says:

    am i to be paid for two person before i receive mind because i paid before and the person confirm me and i have been match again to pay without paying me the first one

  4. amaechi divine says:

    pls I made payment for the first time last week Tuesday and after one week I was matched with someone else to make payment again.is that how things happen here?cuz it’s never done.you don’t expect people to join for d first time and see this sort of thing and u expect them to gladly make another payment.haba!I neither have the money to make the payment, that’s where d prblm lies.

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