Apply Now For 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) Reality Show Entry

The Gulder Ultimate Search Reality Show Entry Application will be in progress very soon as they will be entertaining interested and qualified candidates from different parts of the states and country. The Nigerian Breweries Company has been the sole sponsorship of this great reality show tv- series as their main purpose was to promoting Gulder Larger Beer.

Popular Nollywood Star, Chidi Mokeme has been the so far presenter of the show within some years.

The Process of 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search Reality Show Entry Application- www.gulderultimatesearch.t.v

As we are waiting for this great tv-reality show to commence, we are also expecting that many would find interest to apply for the Gulder Ultimate Search Reality without any regret. Concerning this, we will keep to date as when due the registration will kick off and also urging every one to keep visiting this website for a fresh update concerning the reality show-tv.

Some Hint Story About Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) That Will Marvel You

Here are some forgone memories that will be refreshed to update our memories concerning the tv-reality show.

Centuries ago a story is told of a great Army General of the Eastern lands in the West African region, who never lost a battle. Legend has it that the Army General is one of the many sons of Agulu. Agulu, according to the Igbo history is the first son of Eri, a great Igbo warrior and the founder of Aguleri people.


For decades, much to the appreciation of his king, the Army General conquered kingdom after kingdom. According to the legend, the General’s battle strategies were always steps ahead of that of his enemies; it was as if the General knew the moves of his enemies before they were conceived.

 And so the General’s army was consistently growing by the thousands. Soon all the General had to do to win some battles was to march in to any Kingdom with his battalions and the warriors of that kingdom would lay down their weapons and join his army.

 The General’s reputation gradually became greater than that of his King, and many feared that he would take-over the kingdom. But he never did. He was faithful to the throne, even after the King passed on and left the Kingdom to a young Prince. According to myth, the General would always say to his Deputies “Thy place is the battlefield”.

 To honour the General, for his bravery and his dedication to the throne, the young King ordered a Great Blacksmith to forge a War helmet fit for a General of his status. The General’s War helmet became a symbol of bravery, integrity and hope, and for decades seeing the war helmet resting on the head of the General was all the motivation the warriors needed. They fought better and their numbers increased beyond numbers.

 As the years went by the General grew older and weaker. And soon his war helmet became the most coveted item in all of Africa; for whoever wears the War helmet leads the biggest army the world has ever seen. And therein lay the young King’s fear. Who else is worthy of the war helmet? Who would wear the General’s War helmet and not turn against the throne?

 And so the King ordered his Wise Council to invent several methods to test all the warriors that have come forward to claim this prestigious position. None of the methods were sufficient.

 One day the old and now frail General wore the war helmet and rode out into the Aguleri forest, never to return. He left a note for the King “The War helmet lies in the Belly of the Aguleri forest. He who returns with it is worthy of thy army”.

 Now the Belly of the Aguleri forest is a mystical treacherous jungle that is not only feared for its wild animals but for the very fact that it is rumoured to be alive. Rumour also has it that this part of the jungle is capable of defending itself and that it preys on two human emotions, fear and doubt. Only a brave warrior with an open heart can venture its paths. And so no one dared, until the General rode in.

 Returning with the General’s War helmet immediately became the most important mission the world has ever witnessed. For decades, blinded by their hunger for power, thousands of brave warriors invaded the Aguleri forest. None returned.

 Rumour has it that apart from the natural challenges in the jungle, the General’s trail is complex and filled with dangerous obstacles.

 Till date the army is still without a General.

 And so, before the army is lost, the Council of Elders has decided to send brave youths on the same mission: they must retrieve the General’s War helmet. To absorb the ways of the Aguleri Jungle and master how to defeat their fears and doubt, they must first learn from each other. They must first be paired. And the one who returns with the War helmet will lead the army and be celebrated as the Ultimate Champion.

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 But they cannot embark on this epic journey until the CUBE returns. The CUBE, an icon of new beginning, will bring about a new dawn for all. The CUBE must be retrieved by elite warriors, the Ultimate men. They must not fail for there will be no Gulder Ultimate Search Eleven!




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