Registration in Canadan Visa Lottery 2018/2019 is now open @

Registration in Canadan Visa Lottery 2018/2019 is now open @

Canadan Visa Lottery Registration

Currently the Long Awaited online Registration for Canadan Visa Lottery Application is live on The first thing to do here is to go online on the portal via or
you can also google it as winprize and then when the link is successfully opened, you can now start your registration
process by indicating you Age Bracket as pictured below

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The next stage is to Fill in the form below

Then Select Your Age Bracket

Full Name:
City :
Phone Number :
finally, sign up :

you will now receive a text that says

Congratulation you have been successfully registered

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  1. meangue langbuh pamela nadege says:

    I will like to live in canada, it is one of my faivered country

    • my name is muhammad bashir .i live in pakistan.i have completetd LLB and i want to master degree therfore i want to study in canda because i am not fully satisfied with the present education in pakisan .ands students have not basic facilites availabe in pakistan .so canda is a beautifull country and wellgood reputation in the whole world

      • Love korfa says:

        I filled the eligibility form but when I submitted it did not go through. What should I do because am really interested in moving to Canada.

  2. i need the official website for canadian 2018 lottery

  3. gatare chris says:

    I really humble to apply Canada visa lottery migration,

  4. i need lottery accept me plase

  5. Egharevba Osaghae says:

    I want to be the locky one among the winner

  6. GAHAGAMO Bahati gloire says:

    I’m GAHAGAMO Bahati gloire i live un Congo (Drc). i’m a jobless, i have a bac+3(licence) in public policy. i need to go un Canada for looking jobs and living.

  7. I Learned counting and counting what counts.

  8. Tausif khan says:

    My mind is my cardiology subject
    I love my subject…
    I love study

  9. Abdullah Nawaz says:

    Respected Sir.
    I like live in Canada because Canada is very beautiful country. Please accept my request for lottery visa. My cellphone number is ( 00923416080980 )

  10. i completed my senior high school in year 1999 but help because my dad died the same year and my mum too was not working so i have to go and look for job to help my younger siblings so please help me to be the lucky winner to help my younger ones

  11. syed zahid abbas says:

    I will like to lives in Canada and I really humble to apply Canada Visa Lottery…..

  12. cordelia o says:

    I will like to get more experience from another country

  13. Ehtisham gul says:

    I really humble to apply canada visa lotterty migration . Please accept me

  14. hi to all sponsors?if at all u do give chances,I would not just love to tour Canada but to get better studies because that’s the only dream that I have in life.I really want to study because I want to be a doctor South Sudanese doctor n African doctor at any help out there???

  15. Love korfa says:

    I will be highly grateful to be one of the lucky winners. Am really interested in working and studying in Canada.

  16. Win this lottery is my dream.
    Gagner cette loterie est mon rêve

  17. Student in punjab collage

  18. fawad Akbar says:

    It’s my favourite country….

  19. O God you know everything very well but I wish to go in Canada …….

  20. Pitshou eyele bazizi says:

    Im Pitshou eyele bazizi from Congo DRC I’m living in south Africa I need to win lottery 2018/2019 because Canada is very nice country to stay and to work I’m very strong man I need to go work there. My cell number 0027832971144 email :

  21. Jane jones says:

    I want to win lottery that’s my prayer

  22. RAFAY KHAN says:

    IS IT REALLY WORKS?????????????

  23. nahimana chrisostome says:

    i will be highly gratful to be one of the luck winners. am really intersting in worked and stunding in canada

  24. nibigira thomas says:

    i realy humble to apply canada visa lottery migration. please accept me

  25. Bisharo omar Abdi says:

    Its my dream country at least i cn survive there that is the basic needs of human being…
    Help me to survive

  26. I wish to apply and am here by urging the administration to consider me as a member of immigration. Am a student at the university of the Gambia but financial is my major problem and due to that I need support.

  27. Canada is my favorite country I would like to go there to study in order to gain some knowledge that I don’t know and to accomplish my biggest this lottery is my number is 0780554111

  28. I am live in Canadian my favorite place

  29. Noor ul amin says:

    Laik caneda

  30. Faisal Khan says:

    I have followed the link and share on whatsapp with more than 30 people but tracking code not shown still

  31. joginder singh bhatti says:

    this lottary is not for pakistani peoples

    • Mr. Anwar hussain thanks for your reply please mention in your lottery policy ( Pakistani can not participant in this lottery) even write in your policy which country people can participant in this lottery.


    I Mohamed Osman Salah hereby requesting for youresteemed,
    The sponsors of canada to gives me chances lottery .
    Although the time being i am in somalia especially the capital city mogadishu ,
    In here there is insecurity and i have no any stady,
    And even i have no money to go abroad.
    So i am request to regard my request

  33. miba michel says:

    cher monsieur ou madame je vous prie de bien vouloir m’accepter pour cette lotterie canadienne

  34. bentholo dore says:

    Je veux voyagé comment faire?

  35. willing to apply for canada visa lottery.

  36. if we can migrate to canada we can start our life again. because we are like to live in peace full/ calm country.

  37. I will like to lives in canada because It’s my dreams

    l love Canada


  39. Syed muhammad hussain says:

    Its my dream to lives in canada. Live long canada live long canadian pm love you

  40. okoduwa augustina says:

    Am interested

  41. Moi je m’appelle MAHOLO LUKELA THIERRY Je suis congolais j’aime bien mon suis immigrés je vie ici au bresil il ya déjâ deux ans.Pour de raison politique de mon pays que je quitte mon d’autres ambitions des etudes a même temps j’etudie si le gouvernement canadienne peut m’accorde le visa pour réaliser mon rêve.merci bon comprehéhension

  42. zeeshan zia says:

    beutifullll country

  43. if i migrate to canada i can start my life again.i can study and do some jobs.i want to do my life and be come a personality.

  44. IMRAN AHMED says:

    I am Bangladeshi and I went to maigrait permanently in Canada…

  45. Really my favourite country Canada.please accept me my dream.

  46. muanza mulumba pitchou says:

    I will like to live in canada because it’s’my favorite country!

  47. i am digitizer disinger for cmputer embroidry

  48. i love for canada


    please is this real cos i love canada

  50. neldy joverda mahoungou says:

    hey there,i am joverda i heard about this from my classmates in cape town i am a french speaker so i will be thankfull if this opportunity could be offer to me,what i would like it is to discover how beautifull canada is and how sociable people are because many years ago that canada is one of the best contry around the world

  51. I will like to live in Canada because it is my favorite dream.

  52. Miikaaiil Abdulaahi Hamud says:

    i was born in mogadisho 1985 i love education and job, here in soomaalia there is not good education and good life, so i am very keen on peace countries like canada europe how to live and learn something to life for future, some times i think my consequence because i have not good education, because my father was passedaway 2010 and my family are poverty so i am requsting to help me, thanks alot

  53. Miikaaiil Abdulaahi Hamud says:

    my named Miikaa’iil Abdulahi Hamud life Soomaalia specailly mudug region, so i am requesting to help me, here soomaalia life very very very defficult if you have money you can’t get food you eat, because there is not any farms, most people left because there is not peace and scurity soomaalia, so i am request to take me here and life good countries like canada usa europe thanks

  54. Regina ngozichukwu onwu says:

    I am a
    Counsellor to drug addicts and I really want to have an opportunity to extend my callings to others around the world – impacting lives positively especially on the youths so they are focused on achieving life’s purpose.

  55. Dadje jules bruno says:

    Bjr je m’appel Dadje Jules Bruno je fais dans le genie civil et je voudrais faire dans l’architecture connaissant que le canada est un pays des grands architectes, je vous prie de bien vouloir m’accorder ce privillege de réalise mon rêve merci de me selectionner.

  56. fadumo Mohamed ahmed says:

    I am a doctor graduated MBBS and would like to work and study there so help me plz thanks

  57. Good day name is chisom paschal nwachukwu.i am frm nigeria i humbly want to say that am very interested sir, please if any sir am on ur foot waiting sir thank you,here is ma number +2349093374473 thank you

  58. Good day name is chisom paschal nwachukwu am frm nigeria,i humbly wnt to say that i am very interested,please if any am on ur foot waitin for it .thank you here is ma number +2349093374473

  59. Muhammad irfan akbar says:

    hi my name is irfan i need work visa

  60. Muhammad irfan akbar says:

    good day sir my namr irfan i need visa

  61. Am interested name is kamdem bily salvadore from cameroon, my email and my number whatsapp+237656691783

  62. olivier wamba okungu says:

    To win this lottery is my dream

  63. onwuzuruike perpetual chinonyerem says:

    am Onwuzuruike Perpetual Chinonyerem
    Goodday Sir/Madam,
    please i need this visa to school and work i don’t have anyone to help me, but i believe by the grace of God you will help me to achieve my dreams
    I will really appreciate if my request is be granted.

  64. oni osayuwamen fortune says:

    My names are Oni Osayuwamen Fortune, married with three kids, life over here in Nigeria are very difficult, I love Canada is my dream country, I want to give my family a better life,my phone no +2349066729911 looking forward to your favorable attention towards my comment.

  65. mohammed ejaz i am maride 4 kids i am pakistan i love canada

  66. Frank Augustine says:

    I love Canada and have always desire to be there.

  67. onwuzuruike perpetual chinonyerem says:

    please Sir/madam,
    I want to school and work there

  68. Noor ul amin says:

    I laik canadan

  69. okechukwu uzodinma agim says:

    i want to work with my wife

  70. zemenfes hagos says:

    Hello everybody my name is Zemenfes Hagos I live in Ethiopia i have completed Electrical Engineering and I want to masters Degree therefor I want to study in Canada because i am not satisfied with the present education in Ethiopia and students have not basic facilities available In Ethiopia Like teachers,workshop, materials etc….So Canada is a beautifully Country and Well good Reputaion in the whole world and Canada is very …very… very Peace and beautifully country

  71. I want to continue studies in Canada because I am totaly satisfied about the basic studies that I have seen

  72. I want to continue my studies in Canada because in Cameroon the no have electronic medicine and is my dreams to study in Canada

  73. I want to study in Canada because I am satisfied with the bssic information I have heard


    right from my childhood have desire to spend the rest of my life in canadan ,i will appreciate GOD if the dreams comes true GOD BLESS CANADAN

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