Seven (7) Reasons Why Your ATM Card Gets Swallowed By the Atm Machine – Automated Teller Machine in Nigeria

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Nigeria is a better means of getting quick cash anywhere in the country.  People do find it so difficult to cue inside the bank hall while making cash transaction, they do prefer to make use of the ATM with their Atm Cards. But some time, they get frustrated and disappointed each time Atm Machine sizes or swallowed their Atm Cards. Here, we will be discussing the reasons why your Atm Card gets stocked inside the Atm Machine. [….]

Reasons Why Your Atm Card Gets Swallowed – how will you feel if your Atm Card was swallowed and you need that money so urgently? What will be your reactions? Do you think is your fault? And who will you blame? These are some questions we get each time we get disappointed by the Atm Machines.

Seven (7) Reasons Why Your Atm Card Gets Swallowed By the Atm Machine

Expired Card:  An expired card will not bring out any money from the ATM. If you are trying to withdraw with such a card, the machine can swallow it.


Wrongly Inserting Your Card: You need to follow the arrow sign on your debit card and insert it into the ATM correctly. If you insert your card wrongly, the ATM may swallow it instead of returning it back to you.


Low Balance: This is the most common reason we we get disappointed with our Atm Cards. If you have a low balance in your account and you are still attempting to withdraw money, the ATM can swallow your card. Remove your card immediately after transaction. When the ATM gives you a message to remove your card and you fail to remove it on time, it may swallow it thinking that you have forgotten it or that it is now an abandoned card.


Stopped Card:  If the card has been reported as missing, or the bank has placed a stop order on it, the ATM can seize it if you make an attempt to use it to withdraw money.


Multiple Entries Of Wrong Password: Be careful when typing your password on the ATM because when you make multiple attempts with the wrong password, the ATM may suspect that you stole the card and withhold it to protect the account holder’s fund.


Blocked Card:  If you have reported to the bank to block your card because it is lost, but failed to ask your bank to un-block it after you found it, the ATM may swallow the card if you attempt to use it to withdraw money.


Damaged Card:  If your card is damaged, broken or the magnetic strip has been affected, the ATM will not be able to read the card but will have to seize it.


I think these are the most causes but you can still add more.




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