Smoking can be the inhalation of tobacco, or use of substances. I put it this way, smoking can be a habit formed as a means of inhaling some unpleasant gas inform of smoke, through the mouth into the body system.

Many people uses these medium of smoking as a way of catching fun while drinking alcohol, chatting with friends, driving or even discussing. Most people also knows significantly, the effects of smoking in our health and do not regard it.

It is noted that ‘the federal ministry of health warns that smokers are reliable to die young’ but it seems it is never true compares the way it is being abused by some youths. In other words, many people have always finds it difficult to quit or stop smoking be it cigarette, Indian hemp, marijuana, etc.

I think this write up will go a long way in helping many people to quit from smoking.

How To Stop Smoking

  • Get 2(two) sticks of brand of cigarette that you smoke
  • Remove the tobacco contents
  • Put it in a glass
  • Boil hot water very well and pour it inside
  • Filter it with neat cloth
  • Then drink the water
  • It eliminate the appetite of smoking .

Do it once daily for 3 days and when ever you have urge to smoke.

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