Things you should not do at airport security


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Due to the heightened concern about security, Transportation Security administration changes its rules from time to time. Therefore, you can expect a longer time to spend at the airport, especially when it is a holiday season, which is usually the busiest time of the year. Nevertheless, there is a set of rules you should not be breaking while going through the security check at any times.


Do not be surprised by security, get prepared beforehand

So remove all liquids that are forbidden to take on board. Remove everything metal from your pockets before going through the scanner, wear clothes and shoes that can be easy to be dealt with, so you don’t hold up the entire line Make sure that your laptop and other electronic devices can be easily removed from your bag, backpack or carry-on luggage.


Do not touch other people’s stuff

First of all, it is impolite to move other people’s belongings. On the other hand, it may cause a security threat alert. If you see that a traveler left anything behind, instead of grabbing it and rushing after him to return it, notify security agent, and let him deal with it.


Do not leave your personal belongings unattended

Keep an eye on your stuff at all times. Simply as that, there is nothing more to add.


Do not rearrange your belongings while in line

There is always that one person that everyone in line is annoyed with. After the security screening, just grab your stuff and move on to designated area to rearrange or repack your stuff. Think of other fellow passengers and let them collect their stuff as well.


Do not try to be funny


I’d say this one is a number one rule. Do not talk or OMG, I am going to say this JOKE about anything illegal – drugs, weapons, bombs. When you are asked questions, just provide straight answers, do not try to be funny. Remember, transportation security agents have a lot to worry about, to make your travel as safe as possible. So keep your jokes to yourself.

And the last advice – do not pay for one-way ticket with cash, unless you wish to match the profile of a drug courier or even worse, terrorist. Now, we are joking.

Safe travels!

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