Tips for a Successful Job Interview – [Job Recruitment]

This is the period in Nigeria where many things have been expensive and yet it seems to be no solution for the improvement and betterment of life.

Within this period, there is a Massive Job Seeker especially the unemployed graduates and many youths who have been idle.

There also times where by some Companies, Industries or Establishment do not have sufficient money to pay their workers which may result for their dismissal in their work places.

But here, job recruitment has also gone too far to help the economy in either Privatization or Public Firms.

What are the successful tips that will help you during an interview?

First Impression:

Greet your interviewer with a smile.
Give eye contact.
Sell yourself before anything else. Appear bold and confident but not arrogant.

 Get prepared:

Take time to prepare.
Do your research thoroughly: check what the company deals in; you can check their website if they have, for vital information about them.
You may be asked about the salary you are after, make research about the maximum salary before going.

Have Confidence In Yourself And Idea:

Be bold ‘It’s better to say you need some time to gather your thought rather than speak and regret afterward’.

 Answer questions properly: even if you need a moments silence to collect your thought, do not hesitate to say so.

Know Your Purpose.
Be ready to talk about your knowledge, experience, abilities, and skills. Do not exaggerate but be confident as much as possible.

Be Positive

Interviewer is like someone that likes challenges. Let them know you always see a happy ending in a tough challenge before it ends. Do not say a challenge you cannot cope with.

Body Language

 If the chair offered you are not comfortable tell them, so that in your bid to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable chair, you will not appear uncomfortable and scared.

Expect the Unexpected

Ask the interviewer to repeat the question if necessary.
Sometimes interviewer ask brain teaser questions that often only him know the answer while other interviewer on the table might not know the answer to the teaser like you. Just be honest with your answer.

 Attitude & Manners

The words Please, Sorry, Excuse me, Pardon me, Thank you are important.

Look Great:  Appearance Matter.

Speak Your Mind


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