US Election 2016 – Hillary Clinton as a Winner from Nigerian Prophesy

US Election 2016 – Hillary Clinton As A Winner From Nigerian Prophesy – as the us election for 2016 gets closer, every persons are getting ready to cast their votes not just on the nominated candidates for the presidential post but for the betterment of united State of America.

American Election – despite the trending news that have been all over the place about the prediction of the winner to be, The race to succeed Barack Obama as president of the United States is in its final stages. The three televised debates are out of the way, and they did not go well for Donald Trump. For this reason the debate will be for oneself and as a party, they tend to be anti-gun control, anti-immigration, anti-abortion and anti-universal healthcare. They’re in favour of individual liberty and small government.

Us Election 2016 – Hillary Clinton As A Winner From Nigerian Prophesy

Last time, the General Overseer of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Joshua has predicted the next United States presidents will be a woman. Don’t forget that the two front runners in the US presidential election race are Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party and republican, Donald Trump.

TB Joshua has successfully predicted major world events and incidents, and he did not mention any particular name but concor that he saw a woman as the winner of the election.

2016 American Election – remember that the democrats are America’s centre-left party. They tend to be in favour of using taxation to pay for bigger government projects and welfare.

Their party platform is pro-gun control, pro-choice and pro-universal healthcare.

The Democrats tend to win more in the North, particularly on the coasts, and in big cities.

Famous Democrats

Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy and Barack Obama all served as Democrat presidents. Prominent celebrity Democrats includes Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, and Oprah Winfrey.

President Bartlett in The West Wing is a Democrat.




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