www.ABCDonor.com – (Register & Use N10,000 to Get N20,000 on ABCDonor.com) – Login

www.ABCDonor.com – (Register & Use N10,000 to Get N20,000 on ABCDonor.com) – Login

On this platform you use N10,000 to get N20,000, the crazy thing about this platform is that you do not have to refer you earn.

This is how it works.

You register,

You enter

Press offering a menu that you only 4 hours to send money to the person you are timely paid.

*** You must be able to internet bank transfer or mobile to make the process faster.

About ABC delivery

Birth date -> 31st January, 2017 (according to Whois)

Official website -> ABCDonor.com

Let’s see what this platform to offer

  • First come, first served.
  • No Referal required for Earn.1 x 2 Matrix unlimited repeated user.Smart Automatic pairing System.
  • Fast Payment.
  • delivery is only 4 hours for free or deleted.
  • receiver has only 24 hours to ensure free.
  • Payment disputes are solved by the service within 24 hours.
  • Optional (I mean if you want) Referer Reward System.
  • If you refer 5 people, and all who donate to support, will be paired with one automatically.
  • This is one guarantee that ABCDonor continue for many months without crashing.Devoted Support Team + Smart Support System.
  • Each support team get auto which means they work to address your needs and get referral bonuses as a reward.
  • The most referers service privileges.

Technology Web Development Team.

ABCDonor Registration

Please do not use Chrome browser to register if you are using the phone,

You can use other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox so that you can experience the user name selection issue.

Click here to register

ABCDonor Login

Click here to enter

ABCDonor paid hours now, but you should wait 7 days before you get complaints.


  1. I have a problem with this site. 2016 I paid #5000 to someone and I didn’t receive my payment till date.. are u people genuine..?

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