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www.Cashelites.org-Register Cash elites – This is another donation community system that has just been launched. The selling point of cashelites is that it pays in hours. Just like some other working schemes when you register you will be paired to another participant who registered before you and when your donation is confirmed you will then be placed on the waiting list and in few hours you will be matched to be paid.

Register, Join and Login Cash Elites

Just in few hours of the launch of Cashelites in Nigeria they already have a good number of participating members who has already started making money online.

Like we have already informed you Cash Elites is a funding community where participants willingly assist each other financially and this is done by members been paired to donate to each other.

You are promised of getting 300% returns of money invested within few days of registration and paying to another participant there after three persons will be paired to pay you.

You may wish to continue in the circle and pay again and then you will receive payment from other 3 persons in return.


  1. Visit the official website via www.cashelites.org/join
  2. Fill and submit the registration form properly
  3. Login to your account to check your payment options.

You will be required to login after registration to the portal to find out who you have been matched with to make payment to.

To login to your account visit www.cashelites.org/login





  1. mbawa Richard says:

    Has one been paid on cashelites?because I paid to for more than one week and up till now no show ooo

  2. I also paid 20k for four days now, no show. Even when I write to support dey dnt reply.

  3. I paid 20k since 8 days ago no show

  4. Silas Asogwa says:

    I paid since on 26 of February. till today 31 march I Never Received anything

  5. Silas Asogwa says:

    good mornin
    I made mistake in my Ecobank account NO. I 4get to put my Correct Ecobank Account Number & my Correct is 3132271367

  6. Silas Asogwa says:

    pls what is happening You people don’t do As You People side I Need my money ooooooo or D did System have problem ?

  7. Ngwu Blessing Ngozi says:

    I paid on cashelites since 23rd february and up till now i havn’t been paid.

  8. Silas Asogwa says:

    my money don go > &’ all other People’s money don go, too because their have Changed the name CasheLites to WordPress & Block my account, I don’t know about all People’s account
    Why all this
    God pls help us ooh
    Pls You people should help us ooh because of God pls

  9. Adeola oba says:

    admin this is not funny at all bcos the site has been blocked, the number on the website is not even going again, even if they cant pay the 300% my 100% nko biko help us ooo, i borrow money to am ooo

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