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www.Claritta.net – If you have been following the publishing of a few, you will understand that I do want to assist. The reason I do this is because they all work for me. If not, I see no reason why i should be writing on. The benefits of E-Cooperative, Ultimate cycler, Twinkas, Helpers Club etc. These schemes all work and if you have any doubts, you can reach me on the number to be dropped as you read.

But today, I can give an accurate statistics as Claritta Login operation. But for those who are interested in this work should always be sure to go through this publication as part of the scheme. I’m already enjoying myself. Many are still having doubts but for me, as one trial gave me the conviction that I needed.

www.Claritta.net registration page, you will find some stuffs implement what page the user name, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords, etc., please be sure to provide any sensitive information. The sole reason I am doing this publication is to help those who must have been on the government of the day. Believe me, since I started these platform, i have no reason to be hopeless. I mean every word I say. And that is the sole reason I would encourage you all to be part of this simple function module and continue to smile to the bank almost daily. It is what we are talking about here.

The good thing about Claritta Nigeria Login, is that it is one of the most trusted platform i’ve ever seen. The evidence of it is really mind blowing. Many people cannot stop you, and you realize that life is himself. And so, you are not investing millions. All you only invest five hundred thousand. ie N1500. So, you see a small amount of cash you are dropping in business. But mark my words, in less than seven days, will be having N4500. It’s that simple. Do you think a small amount but as you grow older, it becomes better, and grow.

How Claritta.net work

For those who are interested to register the account and become a member will be required to provide assistance in the form of paying a man who was fit, and then four people in one place in order to pay within 7 days you will pay. Please note that if you register, be appropriate to pay 1500 to a member. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be on the waiting list. Once it is in turn to receive a gift, three persons will be paired to pay you 1500 each.

Please note that this platform is much better than most of you come across. All persons read this publication in Claritta Nigeria Login, should endeavor to participate in the Claritta Nigeria Login ….

Please for those who want to be part of this function module called Claritta Nigeria, please you can enter 

How to Sign Up Claritta Account

To start your registration, you can click here

All interested persons do 4500 naira in 5 days of your registration. The registration procedure as treatment is a very simple one. Just visit the registration link as shared, you will be required to click on the Register menu and fill the registration form correctly.

Claritta Login – How to Login to your account via www.claritta.net

When applicants are registered, please login via www.claritta.net login page and there you go, you get started. Now you will be asked to make a gift for the person you are paired for you.

You are to open page, then you can click on the login, and then provide email and password you used during registration and then click on Login. Upon register account, users may login prompt account other activities like payment you should pay the inspection should pay.


  1. Daniel mose says:

    I want to comfirm someone pls,the site is bad

  2. Frederick agboti says:

    Please, I have made payment of N1,500 and I tried to login throug http://www.claritta.net to enable me upload my paying in slip for confirmation. But the platform for login to my Account can not come up. What is happening?

    • its some network issues

      • I registered on the 4th of Feb, donated that same day and referred a friend d following day. My referral also donated as requested and uploaded means of payment but d receiver refused to confirm. We sent series of mails to support/ admin to report this issue, but we didnt get any response from the admin. It’s a week now, no referral bonus, no payment as expected. My referral and i arent happy on this development. Pls what’s happening? Kindly look into this and rectify.

  3. cynthia okereke says:

    i paid 1500 last week friday nd today s saturday no payment s made in my acct.nd referred two pple yet i ve not received any payment. wats wrong admin
    am not happy at all.

  4. Omitunde Oluwasegun says:

    I made payment of 1500 to onuoha Derek and she is yet to confirm it

  5. Fitzminah Barisere Nukah says:

    I paid last wk thursday, i register 1 person dey said ive nt refer any body, up til now ive not been paid.

  6. ayeni oladipupo says:

    I am suppose to GH today but couldn’t access site.

  7. Chukwuemeka Esther says:

    I have donated money to another participant on 02/02/2017,but I have not receive any kobo

  8. Chukwuemeka Nneka Florence says:

    I have made donation to another participant since friday 03/02/2017 but havn’t receive money from Claritta

  9. Obioma Bright Lass says:

    I have made donation to another participant since friday 03/02/2017 but havn’t receive money from Claritta

  10. Beauty Amaka Obasi says:

    I have made donation to another participant since friday 03/02/2017, but I have not yet receive any kobo from Claritta

  11. Wisdom Alaoma Ori says:

    I have made donation to another participant since on 06-02-2017, but I have not yet receive any money from Claritta

  12. Uchenna Obiaozua says:

    I have made donation to another participant since monday 06-02-2017, but I have not receive any money from Claritta

  13. Onyedikachi ikonne says:

    I have made donation to another participant since tuesday 07-02-2017, but have not receive any money from Claritta

  14. Delight Obasi Nwayiure says:

    I have made donation to another participant since wednesday 08/02/2017,but I have not yet receive any money from Claritta

  15. I made payment to someone but cant upload my proof, what is happening??

  16. stellaobalum says:

    please l made my payment l just want to confirm my payment but l am finding it difficult to login to my account.

  17. Onyeka lovena says:

    I have made payment to one Evelyn Jama Kingsley and she comfort that d money enter her account.l have been calling her to confirm it here and she has been giving me excuses.it is over 5 days now….I don’t know what to do..please admin intervention in this case

  18. ezeamadiuju says:

    I open an account n was marched I payed before I could click DAT have made my payment I was told DAT the site was upgrading before the site could open I have been deleted since January till date I have not been paid it really on fair I can’t even log in with my user name n password

    • you have to check if your user name is incorrect, and the maintenance of the site is to keep their website free from hackers

  19. I can’t log into my account. please help admin.

  20. paulmeli35 says:

    please have been trying to log in to my account but they are telling me that my user name and password are not correct the same user name and password high used in opening my account view day. please admin help.

  21. Why is it that when you promise to refer anybody that brings ppl in 3days you don’t keep to your promise? I referred 4people and I have not been referred to anyone for the past six days now, what can the problem be

  22. faith martin says:

    my account was locked due to suspicious login attempts. How do I unlock it?

  23. Please what is going on with claritta ?
    I have made donation to another participant since on 06-02-2017, but I have not yet receive any money from Claritta why ?

  24. Ogoeverest says:

    Pls Admin I want to simply login to my account.

  25. claritta has locked up my account because of suspicuos login from another person . so am to provide my username which is suppose007 . my first name is olaiya . my email is olaiya_abdullahi@yahoo.com . please unlock my account so that i can make necessary things done . thanks

  26. please how can i contact claritta .

  27. Adejimi oluyemisi says:

    hi, I registered today and made a donation today with evidence of payment uploaded but as not been confirmed and I can’t sign in into my acct again

  28. Please admin I hv made payment since last week still I hv not been match with anybody that will pay me. Please what’s the matter

  29. Alfred Osas Marian says:

    I Donated to Idamatie Erhuvwuoghene N1,500 since Thursday, February 2, 2017 on Claritta up till now I ave not been paid and is more than 7days. PLS i need my return and wat is d problem.

  30. Admin pls i register nd made payment since 7/2/17 nd up til today i hav not been matched.

  31. Onyeka lovena says:

    I have been confirmed for more than one week now and l have not been matched.and first of all l can not login in again please what’s going on

  32. Onyeka lovena says:

    How do l login in to view my account. My name and pass word are intact

  33. pls admin the can’t open any longer fr now wat is happening and I made payment yesterday,I want to knw why pls…

  34. Benita Anyebe says:

    i hope i will get solution here. pls someone help oh since claritta dont respond to mails or complains tru the given contact. i registered made payment and it was confirmed since 6th of feb till now no match infact my acct wz showing pending payments b4 d upgrade but now its not even showing dat again as if ive bn paid. refered someone and i wz match with people that claim that they have bn match to pay another person. what do i do now

  35. Nelson Obinna says:

    I made payment on the 17/02/2017 and I was to b matched on 24/02/2017 that is a day before yesterday, and the date I was surposed to be matched was back dated to 19/02/2017, pls I need u people to rectify this problem. Thanks

  36. ada Joseph says:

    Good evening admin, please I made payment since on 16th of Feb, I’ve Bern confirmed but yet to be matched. I also cant login. Please help!

  37. Hussaina Amodu says:

    Have made payment to two people the system gave me am still seeing another name and is twice I made payment which is 3000 now the system is telling me it will suspend me on the 28 sir please help me out thanks

  38. Please what is going on with claritta? I made donation to another participants on 17-02-2017 but I have not yet received money from claritta. Pls oooh

    • you have to discover if you were among those that made donation before the site went for the first maintence, if so, may be your information do no longer exist

  39. Marvellous obioma says:

    I have made a payment but i have nt receive any money

  40. Why do you pending my account have payed two people on 23rd and have been mach with another guy please pay me my money and not pending my account hope you people are not 419platform Bcos isn’t easy to get 3000 please do something about it

  41. Azodo peace says:

    I tried logging in and after series of pressing the login button I got massage which say my account has been locked due to suspicious login attempt and someone has pay me and upload the proof for me to confirm it,I can’t lock in to confirm it pls help me.

  42. I made payment since 17th of February till now I have not received any payment and I have 2 account but not yet received any payment. Pls admin do something about it oooh

  43. It’s really very complicated in this active life to listen news on Television, therefore I just use the web for that reason, and take
    the newest information.

  44. I am a member but suddenly this platform stopped and I have 2 pending referrer money to collect and I made a payment but yet to received since last 2 years

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