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Digital Portal Club is an “online mutual aid society” that allows people to invest money for others to use, like a peer-to-peer lender, but with a high yield investment program (HYIP) attached to the expenditure.

Digital Portal Club is patterned after similar schemes, often far-left Mmm Global.

What Is Digital Portal Club?

There are no indications as to who is behind Digital Portal Club. The website itself is registered in secret in December 2016, through a private domain name registration service.

Alexa web traffic analysis shows the majority of the site’s traffic comes from Nigeria, making it a safe bet that the site originates from there.

Digital Portal Club Product

No products or services associated with Digital Portal Club. Instead, members are limited to exclusively sell membership.

Digital Portal Club Access

There are two distinct opportunity to play with Digital Portal Club.

The first is advertising a 200% ROI on investment for the club. People put anywhere between $ 10 and $ 250 maturation period of investment is rapidly 8 days.

However, the group can not withdraw their money for a minimum investment to match the first one.

Www.Digitalportalclub.Com – Digital Portal Club Registration Premier International P2P Donation Portal

The second opportunity offered by Digital Portal Club unilevel based affiliate recruitment agency program. The first floor of the grant program a 5% commission bonus in the first-level recruits.

To unlock more levels, the first affiliate must recruit 20 new branches that investment in the program. to open the commission paid five levels deep. Rates decline by 1 the number of points per level, level 5 provides 1% commissions.

Digital Portal Club judge

There are a plethora of red flags when it comes to Digital Portal Club. Most telling is the lack of any kind of transparency when it comes to running the program and Administrating the site, as it is not a good idea to become involved in a company that has something to hide.

However, it’s not a major problem.

The true issue we have with this program is that it uses terminology from Mmm Global, a widely-exposed investment scam was created by the Russian scam artist Sergey Mavrodi in 2014 and that only famously collapsed last year, the result of thousands people lose their investment.

A system Mmm Global, which use the uplifting “peer to peer mutual aid society” brand marketing copy of itself as a charitable organization, has been repeated countless times since then copycat held looking back focus on the once incredibly-fraud.

Digital Portal Club is slightly different, with the exception of a HYIP 200% ROI scheme, any affiliate recruitment scheme layered atop it.

Either way, the company depends upon the recruitment for good on its promises 200% ROI.

Payouts to existing investors are taken from the money flowing into the system from new recruits, who then expect their investment to grow in the next 8 days, creating an ever-widening need more recruits to bankroll these “pour investment. ”

The last system variable. Recruitment dries, and the company has a cash pay out on promises.

At this point, the lower the company off with all the accumulated cash, leaving investors high and dry – and without money. It’s the oldest trick in the book, and people still keep falling for it.

Truth be told, very early adopters are determined to get at least a little money back from Digital Portal Club. However, the good times will not last long, especially as word spreads about what allows bogus company.

If you are interested to invest with this company, think again. You will be better off as digging a hole in your back yard, filling it with cash, and then lighting it on fire – at least resultant flame will get used to keep you warm.

Otherwise, the result is essentially the same – you’re going to see your investment go up in smoke.

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