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Giversalliance Registration – Login & Signup

About Us

Who are givers Alliance?

Givers Alliance member to secure payment system. It is a platform designed to help you produce, and get help to double the amount of your first gift (ie to provide assistance 20 thousand naira, you’ll receive two (40 thousand naira) 20 billion naira each of the two participants).

Our System is designed on a solid first come first served basis and makes it possible for all registered users to not give in, there is no central account as a gift to a few fellow the account.

We believe all registered members have the right to provide assistance and help with is how our system works, so we have nothing to hide.


Each member givers Cooperation is seen as the same issues if any can be treated quickly and efficiently.

NO unnecessary upgrades

Our system was designed to operate in a wide recognition for a very long time without downtime.

What you need to do first.

Make sure you have the required amount needed for the package you want to enter.

Keep on online money transfer on the phone or internet banking:

This is to ensure that you meet the above specified hours.

Do not make a candidate if you do not get paid (alert).

How work

When you register, you will need to choose a package from the top menu in the Member area, and then click on “Creating HELP” (BASIC, ultra premium) from which you enter either the sum of hundred N20000, N50000 or N100000 sequence and donate to fellow () m to be made immediately and fully automated system, after you have paid and confirmed in 8 hours. After proving our system will automatically put 2 other registered members in the savings you time frame for this package and the amount that you will return. e.g (If you enter N20,000 package, upon verification, 2 participants will pay N20000 naira each in the bank account, 100% higher (I mean 100% of N20000, N40000, 100% of N50000, N10000, etc.).

Www.Giversalliance.Com | Giversalliance Registration – Login & Signup

A system of five games and then you click on the production HELP Button (PLEASE DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED amount or pay) when you enter, and join a package from the drop down menu.

Please pay the specified variable in at least 8Hrs (or your account will be deleted automatically).

NOTE: We advise any member to only provide assistance with cash products, and expected to help the maximum number of days as provided in normal circumstances!

Warning !!! Please you make sure you get the first payment either by alert from the bank or from the internet bank or mobile applications and verify a transaction.

Getting paid

You get your own paid within 7 Working Days (this is the maximum time before you find suitable, in most cases it would be boring) after payment has been confirmed.

Our Packages

All our packages run independently, and performance testing (Basic – N20000, extreme -50000, Premuim N100000), there is no manual matching, as everything was suitable automated system.

NO scheme

The system is based on a first come first served matching technique, and does not make it suitable to offer new members but to ensure the longevity of the system and we are encouraged to find new members.

Remember to be paid within 7 Working Days (this is only the maximum time before you find suitable in normal conditions, in most cases it would be boring) after payment has been confirmed.

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