www.steadypeer.com – Steady Peer Registration & Login details

Steadypeer.com Login – level Peer, registered: This is a convenient way to make money online, “Steadypeer.com” Great, “Login Steadypeer.com” and “Register Steadypeer.com” to become a full member for now.

SteadyPeer is a Member-to-Member present Platform. You donate to fellow SteadyPeer Member, and within 7 days less time you’ll fit 2 SteadyPeer Members will each present to you.

You SteadyPeer m by registering on SteadyPeer website. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

During registration, you will need to select a package (₦ 2,000 ₦ 5,000 ₦ 10,000. ₦ 20,000) Note: You can always migrate from package to another whenever you want before and just write support show what package you want to move to.

After successful registration, would be appropriate to grant to a SteadyPeer m. You are expected to present in the twelve (12) hours. After confirm your gift, your SteadyPeer account will be immediately activated, and you will be able to receive payments.

www.steadypeer.com –  Steady Peer Registration & Login details

Please note the following:

To ensure sustainable development and life of the system, we implemented an auto-recycling algorithm. What this means is that when you are apt to receive help ensure receipts of all donations, you will automatically be placed in a queue to donate again. So do not be surprised if you find suitable to donate immediately confirm receipts of all your donations. If you use the platform, you should be ready to continue to contribute and receive prizes.

Fraudulent participants will be completely deleted from the system and details will be published in the Black List Page. Note: If you have an appropriate payment and you do not have money to pay at that point please click on “Payment” Button on the form. Your Account will be banned but you can always write to support the re-opening account whenever you have the money to donate. Uploading a fake Proof Of Payment (POP) is a crime. If guilty of this crime will be permanently removed from the system never go again.

We will give you valuable information on News Page. To do well always read news show on News Page.


SteadyPeer.com is a Member-to-Member present Platform. (You are not to make payments into a single account, you will have to present directly in the account of SteadyPeer Member appropriate) Please note that membership SteadyPeer.com is at your own risk. We are not applicable to your losses in the event of you loosing your money. To introduce the utmost attention. This platform was created to help us all to go through the economic situation in the country and help us. Survival platform depends totally on the registration of new members and the re-use of existing members. That is why we have put in place an auto-recycling algorithm to automatically repeat existing members.

You are required to present in 12hours after getting proper, failure will result in criminal deactivation.

Failure to require grant can lead to rejection of the payment and that will automatically delete your account.

Any attempt to use more than one account will be discovered and that will lead to the deactivation of the account.

SteadyPeer.com not responsible for any fraudulent activity resulting users communicate, you hereby adviced to use the informations provided as a SteadyPeer.com for transaction purposes and report a case of fraud through our support mail support @ steadypeer.com

Information provided during registration are treated with optimum privacy and as such should be provided as needed to prevent deception or fraud (all of your bank account information will be shown to the candidate who is to donate for you so you can get prizes).

Investment Packages determine the amount to donate and the number coming up, any user can opt into a program.

Payment acceptance in “oneway” process and this should be done after the body confirmation gift

Good luck!


  1. dear administrator, i have been trying to upload my payment so that it can be confirmed, but all to no avail, seriously this is really frustrating.I can’t assess my account. Please help

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