Www.swiftpayers.com – swift payers Registeration | Login & Compensational Plan

Www.swiftpayers.com – swift payers Registeration | Login & Compensational PlanSwiftpayers is live on the same platform with different packages and signup bonuses. You can start immediately and registered via www.swiftpayers.com.

About Swiftpayers

Swiftpayers ready to do our part in emancipating fellow Nigerians from poverty, lack & want to establish a peer-to-peer funding system whose main goal is to help each candidate raise more income weekly, thus reducing the financial burden. With this mentality in the heart coupled with a high level of focus, we are determined to ensure that each participant is satisfied.

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It is our desire to see everyone offer assistance to each other as people, friends of the community and by extension all of humanity. Help today, tomorrow you can get help from someone else. Another theory, this is a big target guilding Swiftpayers. Swiftpayers Peer-to-Peer funding system is a common account where people can save money for the future when it may be required. We need to stop the slave mentality today. Let your financial help to people who actually need it. poor and disabled, pensioners, single mother with several children, unemployed, underemployed, undergraduates etc. Love your neighbor. Its the least you can do for humanity.

All You Need To Know

* Get 100% of your donations at least 15days.

* 10% Bonus

* 10% repeat bonus (Claimable after 10 circles)

* Lack repeated after completing a circle 24hours will be deleted from the system.

* Pairing was automated on a first come first served basics

* Failure to pay within 24hours hours Exporting break POP account will be blocked forever

How to enter

* Sign Up / Register to join a community.

* System automatically and immediately pairs a generation

* To the gift and get confirmed

* A system Games 2 members to donate to you (in 1hour to 15days)

* Make sure, and repeat (Get 10% when u repeat)

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  1. Swiftpayers.com is not opening i hope nothing is wrong people v put in money nd dey v not been paid plssss any idea wit wats going on.

  2. Why is the page not opening

  3. emmanuela Christian says:

    I paid n can’t even access my account. let being pd.wats going on

  4. Iheukwumere chikezie says:

    For quite some days now am unable to log tobswiftpayers site, I have also tried using various I. S. P. and browsers to open swiftpayers site but to no avail. Please what is happening and also am die to receive my payment.

  5. Ajayi ODUNAYO T says:

    The site is not opening again. Should we still have hope or believe and know is a scam. I paid in is over 15 days now not been matched.even to a participant. I paid 50k so also my brother.

  6. Efia anna says:

    I paid but I can’t even access my account

  7. Efia anna says:

    Why have I not been paid,it’s passed 15days now

  8. Ajayi ODUNAYO T says:

    I have paid my portion to participant, am yet to be matched to another participant is over 15days now. The siteis not reachable. Let’s know what’s on ground

  9. Chimmike says:

    Pls admin, your reply “it’s from their website” is not enough to give hop to the members or even encourage new members to join a peer to peer community who’s plate form is not opening or functioning

  10. Joshua Emmanuel says:

    Can you confirm that they are working on the website?

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