www.touch.nimc.gov.ng – How to Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card is Ready for Collection

www.touch.nimc.gov.ng – How to Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card is Ready for Collection

National ID Card

The Nigerian Federal Government agency, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has a mandate to ensure all citizens of Nigeria possess a National identity (ID) card. There is an enrollment process in place where citizens of Nigeria can walk into any of NIMC centres to register for their National ID card. This National ID card is meant to identify citizens, and to avoid illegal immigrants in the country.

What is National ID card?

National identity card is a portable document (which is usually plasticized and digital insert card information) that any resident or citizen of a country that is issued and required to conduct as a means of identification.

The NIMC has created an easy process for everyone who participated in the enrollment to check if their permanent plastic ID card is available. The way created to check for availability of National ID card for collection is a web portal.

www.touch.nimc.gov.ng – Below Are The Requirements To Check Your Card Availability Status:

  1. Laptop or Smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)
  2. Internet connection (with enough internet data)
  3. Full name (First and Last)
  4. Last 6 digits of your ID number (remember, the number consist 11 digits and can be found on your Temporary ID card {paper printout}, 14673******)
  5. Knowledge of internet usage

Now that we know the needs, we need to look at now is how to view your availability status card online. Once you complete this process, you will be notified if your National ID card is ready for collection.

How to Check Your NIMC National Card Availability Online

Below are steps to check online:

Step 1:  Visit this link  https://touch.nimc.gov.ng

Step 2:  Scroll down and click the button that says “Click to proceed” once.

Once you click that, you would be taken to a page where you will be required to fill your enrollment details into a form.

Step 3:  The next thing to do is to fill in your details into the form.  Correctly input your ‘First name’, ‘Last name’, and your ‘Last six National ID card number’.

Step 4: When you are done, click on the button at the end of the form, “CHECK NOW”, and your National ID card status will be displayed.

As you can see in the image above, this card is not yet ready for collection, so that is how the notification message will be displayed.



  1. Amusa Rasheed Olajide says:

    Good evening, my name Amusa Rasheed.i did Nimc at Abuja Head office then but now have move back to lagos state.i will be happy if my card can been transfer to ojo local government,lagos state.Thanks I look forward to your reply. Amusa Rasheed

  2. Obatowon, Amos Olalekan says:

    Please, I want to know why the card takes so long a time before its readiness for collection? I have registered since July 2015. And the card is not ready.


    Good evening, please my name is UDOKA NDIFREKE SUNDAY. I registered since November 2014 and each time I checked, the response always is ‘NOT READY’. What’s the problem?

  4. ISHAKU AGI says:

    My Name is ISHAKU AGI,l did my NIMC registeration in NIMC headquarters Abuja on 24/12/2015 but up to date my NIMC ldentity card is not ready and l need it.What is the reason for the delay?Please the management should do someting about it because it as been long. Thank you.

  5. Oluwatosin kayode Adebayo says:

    Good morning my name is Oluwatosin K. Adebayo I enrolled for NIN since 08/09/2014 at this registration centre FC-MOGADISHU Abuja buy up till this time it is not ready please can somebody do something about it.

  6. Fredrick Onyine jennifer says:

    Gud mrng, my name is Fredrick Onyinye Jennifer. I registered for NIN since July 1st 2013 at NIMC hdqrt Owerri. And up to date the card is not ready. Pls i want to kw the reason for the delay. I also want to kw if i can register again. Pls reply Thanks.

  7. emmanuel says:

    pls send my original card on time oooo, am sick and tired of this shit at all time…

  8. I registered since 24/09/2013,and my card is not ready

  9. Good morning, I am reporting here cos my card is yet to be received, and I seriously need it badly.
    SurName: OLORUNFUNMI. FirstName: ABIOLA. MiddleName: AHMED. NIN Last Six Digit: 074520. Issued Date: 30/07/2013.
    I got d message dis morning from a friend and I logged on to dis site but still not ready as usual.
    Kindly help me get it ready @ASAP cos am seriously in need of it.
    Thanks in favorably anticipation while I look forward to your reply/notification.

  10. Corruption is affecting everything in Nigeria. To issue common Identity Card is still very difficult in my country. If banks can issue ATM Card within weeks those in charge of this card issuance should be prosecuted

    • Odu nelson ebogor says:

      My name is NELSON by November dis yrs my registration of national identity card ( NIC) ,Wil complete two yrs; but when the government were trying to make Alvin, there use dey president on dat , immediately dey card was ready; i when too ikoyi were i register for dey national identity card, their keep on tell me go an come back, go an come back no reasonable talk, dey last day i when there a lady woke up to me an tel me dat my coming here is a threat to dem i should stopped coming till when the messages has been send to me or i should copy dey websitesan be checking it on my smart phone plz things ‘re not Don dat way Nigeria we’re too mature for dat plz

  11. Debo marquis says:

    Please I’ve misplaced nimc slips for my wife and I. We have old ID cards which were re-registered at alausa. We were later invited to come and check if ready :regular visits yielded no results, in the process of which our slips were misplaced. Is there any we can be helped to know if our cards are ready?

  12. Lemme speak my mind: All this card thing is crap, Nigeria is crap [ only in Nigeria you’ll see people waiting for NIMC card like waiting for When Jesus Christ will come] corruption and Bad governance is key….
    Guess what! All the Leaders have theirs ready, don’t ask me where they got it from…?

  13. obasesin temitayo olukunle says:

    good morning sir/ma,i registered since on the 17/01/2014 and my card is not yet ready.please kindly work toward it and my full name is obasesin temitayo olukunle.thanks

  14. Obasesin Temitayo Olukunle says:

    I registered since on the 17/01/2014 and my national I.d card is yet to be out and my full name is obasesin Temitayo Olukunle. Thanks

    • obasesin Temitayo Olukunle says:

      good afternoon,I have not had anything about my nimc.please kindly do something about it.because I need it urgently.thanks

  15. ANYANWU-AZUKA V.C says:


  16. Hi am Bello Muhammad Dankabawa
    I registered my i d card since 2013 but still is not yet ready please help me

  17. Suleiman Yakubu says:

    Nawwa!Nija system tire me oo.

  18. olalekan abayomi akadiri says:

    Hello I’m olalekan I had enroll since 2014 and I haven’t get my nimc, each time I go there for collection they tell me is not available yet why? I registered at head office ado ekiti

  19. Ibegbunam Ezekwem Dike says:

    Sir/Madam, kindly release my card for my collection. It’s taking a long time.
    These cards should be made to get to applicants with minimum delay.
    Thanks immensely immensely. My name is, Ibegbunam E. Dike.

  20. Amore Mopelola Abigail says:

    Good morning. I did my registration since 2012 at Alausa, ikeja. I have been to the place even on line several times but all I was told and msg received is that its not yet ready. What should I do?. The stress I’m going through just to obtain the card is much. Thanks

  21. Oluwafemi Olamilekan Idowu says:

    I have received my slip from Alausa Ikeja since 3rd of April 2014 but yet my ID is not ready yet. What is going on here? Can someone explain to me please?

  22. NWACHUKWU okechukwu Chukwukamso says:

    Good morning beloved, I, Chukwukamso NWACHUKWU Okechukwu registered at Enugu on 06/08/2013 with NIN 39531323428. I’m yet to receive my ID. What is happening?

  23. hafizu Abdulkarim says:

    I registered sins 2015

  24. Abiodun Okejinmi Hope says:

    Dear service,i don’t know if my detail is still with the NIMC,my slip has been issued since 04/06/2013 in makurdi and any time I checked I was told not ready yet. pls perherps iif I can have it have now relocated to ijebu ode ogun state.

  25. Tongmor DABIS nenman says:

    I register since February 2014 and each time you say that my card is not ready

  26. I send this mail with utmost disappointment, that I okoro chidiebere George did register for my nimc on the 6/12/2013 and is about 4 years and nothing has been heard of my I’d collection. I wish to ask if I can proceed to have another registration done elsewhere?

  27. I want to know if my National ID Card is ready?

  28. Oloja Adebayo says:

    It is a thing of shame. If I have registered since 21/02/2013 and til today 9/9/2017 my National Identity Card is not yet ready, yet those who registered later did get theirs. What are the criteria used in printing this card? Is it LIFO? If it is so, please tell your programmers to change it to FIFO so that some of us will also benefit. Our President got his the very day he was registered after four yearsof my registering.

  29. ALuge edward says:

    I enrolled since 28/07/2013, at Alauasa ikeja till now I have not received my nimc card.
    I’m Aluge Edward Azonanbor
    Tracking ID. CLA00313G180937

  30. Ajileye adewole mukaila says:

    My name is Ajileye Adewole Mukaila. I registered in Osogbo head office on the 4th of September, 2013. Up till now, my card is not yet ready. My Reg. No is 99001753611. Do I go back and re-register?

  31. victor ulueme says:

    The site cannot be reach why?

  32. akinboyede idowu says:

    good day, i registered at awolowo rd ikoyi in january,2016 and up to this time of commenting nothing is done. what do i do?

  33. akinboyede idowu says:

    Registered in January,2016 and up to this time of commenting my card is not yet ready.What is the cause of the matter? My NIN is 30081370979 and my tracking ID is SY0OG2Z80007DO, Akinboyede S Idowu.

  34. Goodday,
    NIMC is doing a good job,weldone.
    I want to use this medium to ask if there is any way to recover the 6 digit number given to me on the Temporary ID CARD.
    Due to fire outbreak,i lost it.
    Please assist me.
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Victor from olodi-apapa,Lagos.


      Enrolled on the 13-03-2014. After 3 years, the nimc card isn’t ready for collection. What are u people doing in that office. Pls sit up.

  35. emedo jonathan kelechi says:

    Good day sir/ma,
    I have apply for these PVC since 11/12/2014 and i have gotten my own copy since then
    not even an SMS for confirmation. What can i do to get my own copy.
    My names are: Emedo Jonathan Kelechi.
    My Tracking ID:S7Y0NF720006KK
    My NIN: 10163984408

  36. Emmanuel Bratte says:

    I did my NIN enrolment in Asaba Delta State in 2013 but up till this moment my card is not ready, whereas some that did theirs in 2014 have collected their cards. May I know what is happening please.

  37. obasesin Temitayo Olukunle says:

    good afternoon,I have not had anything about my nimc.please kindly do something about it.because I need it urgently.thanks


    Good afternoon I register since ( 5/ 9/2014/ my tracking ID S7Yo0G31Kooo2BS / NIN 96581823989 ADEWUMI IDOWU JOSEPH . UP TILL NOW NO MESSAGE NO ORIGINAL ID CARD PLEAS HELP OUT


    Enrolled on the 13-03-2014. After 3 years, the nimc card isn’t ready for collection. What are u people doing in that office. Pls sit up.

  40. What type of services are you people rendering to us for how many years now
    Nawaoh for this Nimc office this is what we call laziness.

  41. Henry chinonye nwosu says:

    Good morning my name is Henry Nwosu I registered these ID card since on September 2011 still date not available pls u people should do things fast as a citizens we need it mostly

  42. Solomon oluwashina ogunleti says:

    Good morning , please my name is OGUNLETI SOLOMON OLUWASHINA . I registered since FEBRUARY 2014 and each time I checked, the response always is ‘NOT READY’. What’s the problem? THANKS

  43. My name is Comrade Olakunle Macaulay,I registered my nimc in the year 2015.I like to know if it is out for collection…THANKS…

  44. good morning my name is umar abdullahi Muhammad from kano state I have did my national I d card since 14/11/2013 but still know when I check I fine it not dispatch I don’t know why this is why I writer my complain to you to now what is going to my national identity card please I hope my complain will be accepted thank you sir for reading my complain

  45. Hammed b. Shittu says:

    Good morning, my name is Hammed Bolanle Shittu. I have registered since 30/06/14 . l always got not ready .Pls check for me. Thnz.

  46. Abubakar aliyu says:

    Pl something

  47. Ajao Oluwafolakemi says:

    Pls have registered for my national I.d card since 2015 and up till today each time I check is not ready and the temporary one bank as start rejecting it,pls fast track on these I.d is affecting me seriously and if am to pay for it pls let me know because am sure if we are to pay it should have been ready by now

  48. Please I want to know if my National ID Card is ready for collection


    please I registered for my ID card since 19/5/2017,I was given a slip to come back the next week I have gone back sever times but they keep telling me registration not complete, please help me.thanks.

    • Papur caleb says:

      I registered at pankshin LGC plateau state since early 2016, l check whether it is ready but it still show not ready. What do I do? My names are Papur Caleb Godson. Last 6 numbers 009489.

  50. peter owoshi says:

    sir/ma i got registered later find out that my years were not correct.What should i do to correct the mistake since it not yet ready?If possible this the correct date and year. 16/10/1980.

    • you can correct it but it will take a long process

    • Williams -Oladapo,Omolara Omolola says:

      My name is Williams – Oladapo,Omolara Omolola. I registered for the National ID card at University of Lagos December, 2015.I am yet to receive the card.


    Please I registered for NIMC on 17/10/14 and is not yet ready, please what is happening or I should go and register for another one again.

  52. Anthony Amadi says:

    So worried about my national ID which I have not received four years after registration. I registered in Port Harcourt on October 25, 2013.

  53. Anthony Amadi says:

    So worried about my national ID which I have not received four years after registration. I registered in Port Harcourt on October 25, 2013.
    NIN: 54757605362

  54. Pls what is really happening wid dis nimc office,av register since 2014 and my national identity card is yet to come out,what exactly they are doing in dere office dere,they are just collecting salary without work,they need to be punish for dat silical attitude

  55. Sani baita says:

    I have registered at NIMC center Dutse jigawa state. But the problem is i lost the printed slip and still i didn’t recieve any message yet about my plastic I.D. What can i do and how can have my I.D?

  56. good day sir/mir
    my name is maria, I have been on this process over 2months, they said my bvn is having internal error which have been told that it will be resolved till now nothing has been done, I called last week through the customer care number, I was told that it will be resolved on Friday or Monday 16/10/2017 that I should go ahead and do the registration but getting there today still same old story. please my job is at stake. we were to submit on the 23/10/2017, what can I do ?

  57. Since 2014 till date still saying card isnt ready. I wonder. If we didnt adhere to doing it na problem, now most of us have done it for years now still a problem. Anytime una like una release am.

  58. Omotunde Fatai Ademola says:

    What happened to my national identity card I have registered since 2014.pls help me out


    Please i have internal error issue about my NIC when registering and have been sending bt all was in vain please help me out
    Tracking: ID S7Y0NYFIC000K5V
    please help me release my slip thanks.

  60. Queen Ofonmuk Michael says:

    I registered since 2014 and up till now haven’t given my I’d card again its annoying that the touch.nimc site is not opening. I have been trying it for 3dyr now

  61. peter senewo says:

    Good Evening, i applied for the NIM Card early last year and i was told it will take only a year and now it’s more than a year and i ‘ve not been called for collection.
    Kindly advice.


  62. Ogbunachara Lawrence ifeanyi says:

    Good morning, my name is ogbunachara Lawrence ifeanyi. I have registered, at nimc centre at umuahia, Abia state on 13/05/2013. I went to the office, they checked it but not ready. Severally I have being checking on my own with the site they gave me from the nimc office, still not ready, please sir, I want to know, when it will be ready. This are my details
    Tracking I D: S7oNYFBJ0000HG
    NIN: 80341739021
    Issue Date: 13/05/2013

  63. my name is oluwasanya temitope.i have registered for nin since March and I go to they say not out help me check it pls
    I need it

  64. Mahmud ameer abubakar says:

    Pls release my own i registered since 2015

  65. Agoro Dewey says:

    Oh my God they shouldn’t do something that will make somebody to say a wrong word, I have been registered since 3rd of June 2014 yet I have not received my card were as some one that came after me (2) two months later has received hers since two or a year back. my question is what is happening to mine? when ever I check it will tell me your card is not yet ready. is that a fair thing?

    • The Reason Why you may not have receive yours was due to your the delay in local Government Registration centers where you were Enrolled

  66. Nwuko chidi ozurumba says:

    hello good PM sir please I did my national ID card on June 2012 till now I have not received my ID card please I need it please I will be happy if I received it thanks

  67. Pls do something about my ID card
    NIN = 27063780714

  68. Pls I have nt been given national I’d card I want to know if mine is out

  69. Papur CAleb Godson says:

    I registered at LGC Pankshin plateau state since 2016 and yet to see my ID.

  70. Umoh,samuel e says:

    Please release my id.registered on 22/12/2013.details:Tracking ID S7YONYFDT0002BR,NIM19893723534

  71. Rabiu Yahaya says:

    Good evening my name is rabiu yahaya my own 2014 is yet to ready

  72. aniebiet john says:

    i have always been told that my card is not jet ready since 2014 November so i want what is the problem?

  73. William Emeka says:

    Nigeria is a failed entity otherwise tell me why card registered since 2014 is not ready till date.

    The trouble with Nigeria transcends corruption.

    What a pity.

  74. my temporary card got stolen with my bag. please what will it take to get it reprinted

  75. abdulkarim adamu jajiburawa says:

    ihave registered my national id card since december last year and up to now I dint have anyinformation about the Id card

  76. Please I registered in October 2015 and since my card has not been ready. What do I do as I urgently need it. I was rejected entry into a building because I old only present the temporary slip

  77. oso jimoh kayode says:

    good day , have register since 02/07/2014 and have not seen any message or call,some have done their own after my own and have collected their lD,please what is going on because i thought first come first serve,

  78. Bamigboye olufunsho abimbola says:

    Please have cheak several times but I did not see my national identity card on line .Since 27/08/2014 .I have new mail now.Thanks I want to know if my card is out.

  79. Bamigboye olufunsho abimbola says:

    Good morning when am I goin to get national identity card since 2014.Now have change my Mail to Khapoofunshy24&gmail.com

  80. singtip eric says:

    what is really the problem with this id card issue? i registered when this programmed commenced 2014 and since then noboby has said anything. government should intensify more effort so all nigerians should have this ID cards pls. Thank you.

  81. ogedegbe kesiena Gift says:

    Good morning. Am Kesiena Ogedegbe. I registered for ID card December 2014, it’s 3years now and I haven’t seen my card. What is going on???

  82. Ezeonye queen kelechi says:

    Pls I did my national Id card 2013, I want to know whether it is ready for collection

  83. Jubril Koleoso says:

    i want to ask if my card is readly

  84. Olajide oluwayomi says:

    Good afternoon my name is oluwayomi, i did ID card from 2013, I have check it, never ready, can i go for other one or i should wait, i want to know whether those who do in 2013 has collect their own

  85. thomas amkpa says:

    Hello,i am made to understand that the national id expires in 5years,i registered since 2013,the card is still not ready,will the expiration date be extended or what ?

  86. Itoro okon says:

    Please think Nigerian have right to be adequately inform, especially when a platform for that is set up. How long do I have wait for a card I was promise three month to get. I did mine 6,6,2014

  87. Akpede edirinverere violin says:

    Pls sir, am AKPEDE edirinverere violin… I register since 8/12/2014. Uptill date I have not seen my card. What is happening?

  88. how long does it take a national ID to be ready for collection after registration ?

  89. bulus james nden says:

    it is very disheartened to discovered that one ID CARD is not ready after three good years of enrollment. i just wander if they are really working or not.

  90. Adele-asesi azeez says:

    I got a message in 2015 dat my chadard is ready for collection with batch 14355 and had gone to firs station for about four times to pick my card,all I got from the staff is go and come back and I dnt y it’s happening like that


    Dear Sir/ Ma my name is OLAYIWOLA OLUSOJI OLAIDE, I registered for NIMC in year 2014 October, and the card is not yet ready please when is it going to be ready? Thanks.

  92. I registered for National ID since 29th April, 2014 up till now I have never received any alert of message about it.

  93. David Patrick says:

    Please for how long will we or should we wait to have our national identity (id)card cos i dnt understand again this is going to five (5)yrs now and no concrete response after the registration process

  94. Ezugwu Emmanuel says:

    For over 4 yrs that I registered, u have been telling sorry ur card is not ready. When will my card be ready? I don’t like this.

  95. Nwosu Kenneth Lebechi says:

    My name is Nwosu Kenneth (Lebechi) with the following information: 23-8-17
    8c-3zo. I got registered for Nimc in one of the centres in Kano on the stated date above. Surprisenly, since then nobody has given me any concrete reason I have not gotten my ID. Please ma/ sir, what is the reason for the delay?

  96. Am registered since august 18, 2014 but up to now no any information about it. Am tired please release us our card

  97. ….Please kindly letme know when my IDCARD will be available for colection:


  99. Ibrahim hammanjoda says:

    i register since December 2013 but up till now my card is not ready why is it so? I’m Ibrahim Hammanjoda

  100. I DID my own since 2014 nd i hv nt any text 4 my collation .my NIN 51220560716

  101. My name is AKPAIDA PAT-OMOH TRICIA, since 2016 that I registered, still not ready, pls I need it for vital usage..

  102. Please i did my ID registration on 19/09/13 at federal secrit. complex phesa II Abuja, but of to knew i don’t got it and i am your former staff in state office kano please help me and process my thank’s.

  103. gibson isibor says:

    I registered 2014 up til now have not receive my id card. my name is Gibson Isibor Alidunkwu. I have been trying online but the same usual response not ready. My first name is Gibson my last name is Isibor while my last six digit number is 484158. Make it possible for me to have it, please.

  104. John Michael says:

    I registered since 2014 at Enugu state up till now my card is not ready

  105. Daniels Oluwashina ADEYEMI says:

    My name is Daniels Oluwashina Adeyemi with registration number 62810667602. I registered since 2015 and my card is not yet ready. Pls what is the problem, I need it urgently to attend to something very important.

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