3 Questions You Should Answer Before Posting Facebook

3 Questions You Should Answer Before Posting Facebook – Indeed, it is a free world and everybody has a right to his opinion. More so, there is freedom of speech, especially in this era of democracy. But you can agree with me that, as free as the world is, as we are coming into view, there should be a limit to what we post on social media. Rejecting treasonable posts, there demarcating part of the ill-advised posts. For every Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other posts, either market or demarket yourself. To help you avoid sharing posts that devalue your brand, here are 3 questions you must answer or ask you to press the “Post” button:

1. Is this the Post exactly My Personality?

Sometimes, I’m afraid of people who post disclaimers state responsible posts that include nude pictures, ask for money from friends or family, etc.. People do need to post more friendships. I know Dayo Williams posts politics, sports (football) more and I know Elufowora Eluyemi Lateef comic but variable posts. I agree Suraj Oyewale not post anything sexually Olatunji Abdulkabir Olajide Poster. Yet, I do not need anyone to tell me he would never share permanent post or use vulgar words. All these people have one thing in common: the lower posts are always reckless behavior. Then ask yourself: “Is this the post in line with the character?”. Yes, post if he is. No, not if.

2. I will be Proud Post Next Year Mark Team will remind me?

You know Facebook continually reminds us that we posted exactly one year before. Some people are happy to share it again. This happened to me severally. In this way, some are not proud of it, and regret distribute such. We see mild cases where people post back hurt. You want to be one of these people? That is why you must ask yourself, “Would I be happy with myself if I saw this post in the future?” Yes, post it. No, not divide it.

3. Of what value this Post to My Friends?

Dale Carnegie of blessed memory to communicate because I see 4 reasons. to share information, to persuade, to entertain and educate. Our network has changed in this century from the traditional media to largely online media, but the purpose is still the same. So, ask yourself, “Where is this post? I am entertaining, informing, persuading or educate?” If the right on one of them, delete. Otherwise, I propose, is not. In the meantime, for branding and personality building purpose, to share more of surgical education posts more than entertainment. This will help you a lot in this regard.5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

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