3 Ways Of Making Some Money From CryptoCurrency | Online Cryptocurrency Money

3 Ways Of Making Some Money From CryptoCurrency | Online Cryptocurrency Money

Online Cryptocurrency Money

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As we all know Bitcoin is the pioneer of all crypto currencies that exists today. The purpose of this post is to inform the readers of 3 ways to make money from bitcoin and other cryptos called alt coins. Get more information about alternative coins at coinmarketcap.com

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3 Ways Of Making Some Money From CryptoCurrency | Online Cryptocurrency Money

1. MINING: This is a way of getting these coins and then sell it. it does not come that cheap though. Mining is simply solving complex mathematical problems with the help of your computing power and get rewarded with these coins for solving the problem. In the past it was very easy to mine bitcoin with your laptop. Its a different ball game now because the difficulty rate of solving those maths problem is very high now and requires high end machines to do that is if you want to go solo.
you can join mining pools to get this coins if you cant go solo. if you want to make use of your laptop to mine some alternative coins you can make use of minergate. i use it personally. i will post the link later or you can just google it and download it.

2. BE A SPECULATOR: There are many alt coins that have huge potentials in the future. E.g Ethereum. less than 2 months ago ethereum was sold for less than $0.6. It is now above $5. As a speculator what do you do with this kind of coin. simple, you buy them as there are cheap now and wait 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months before you sell. trust me you wont regret it. There are some alt coins that show a lot of potentials too. Do your research and buy them cheap now and keep. Good luck.

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3. BE A CRYPTO TRADER:This is the best and easiest way of making more bitcoin and money. This is similar to FOREX but different in that crypto trading has high volatility and that is where the money is VOLATILITY. I am involved in crypto trading full time. Ever since i started about 5 months ago i have no regrets.

just like FOREX there is a trading pair eg usd/eur , usd/gbp etc. In crypto trading you have pairs like btc/usd, btc/eur, btc/ltc , btc/eth and so on. There are more than 50 pairs you can trade in different exchanges on the net. Just do your research well and decide which is ok for you.

The question is how much can i start with. The good thing i like about crypto trading is that you can start with any amount and you can cash out anytime. I will want to stop here for now.

From time to time i will be posting all i know and think is relevant to crypto trading.

feel free to ask any question relating to trading cryptos and i will be glad to assist with what i know. The information is free and i am not selling any ebooks or asking you to send your email or any scheme to ask or solicite for money.


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