How To Apply Online For Canada Visa in Nigeria 2019 | Track it Online at

How To Apply Online For Canada Visa in Nigeria 2019 | Track it Online at

Canada Visa Application Form 

Canada Visa Application Form For Nigerians 2019/2020 | Track it Online at

Do you want to process Canadian visa application form in Nigeria? Kindly have in mid that’s there are so many types of Visa form you can get if you want to travel out to Canada.

So if you’re ready to know how to start your Canada visa application in Nigeria registration and submission process, kindly keep reading.

I’ll be showing you everything you need to know right on this page.

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How To Apply Online For Canada Visa in Nigeria 2018 | Track it Online at

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Canada Visa Application in Nigeria 2019 Process

The Canada visa is not cheap neither is it expensive, as a matter of fact many would refer to it as being moderate.

Irrespective of whether you get the visa or not, you can not get a refund. The amount paid depends totally on the visa you are applying for and how long you want to stay in the country.

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 2018 Canada Visa Application In Nigeria Fees

You will be required to pay for the Visitor visa (super visa included) – 100 Canadian dollars ($ CAN) for one person. It does not matter if the visa is for single or the multiple visits. Note: 1 Canadian dollar costs 251.689 Naira (July 25, 2017).

An applicant who wants to pay for Family. Visitor visa (five or more members) 500 $ CAN. All members of the family must apply at the same time and place.

Your stay as a visitor prolongation – 100 $ CAN for one person.

Restoring of your visitor status – 200 $ CAN. (You do not need to pay Visa fee)

  1. Electronic Travel Authorization fee is 7 $ CAN
  2. Work permissions (prolongations included) Fees:

Work permissions (prolongations included) for one person – 155 $CAN. Work permissions (prolongations included) for travelling group (three or more members) 465 $CAN.

For a holder of an open work permit (not job-specific) – 100 $CAN.

Restoring your worker status – 355 $CAN. Restoring your status costs 200 $CAN and getting your new work permission – 155$ CAN. Important! Work permissions for performers group will only be considered if the group (three or more members) and their personnel apply at the same time and place.

  1. Study permissions (prolongations included) Fees:

Study permission (prolongations included) for one person – 150 $CAN.

Restoring student status – $ 350CAN.

Restoring your status costs 200 $CAN and getting your new study permission – 150$ CAN.

Besides, if visitor visas are needed, you have to pay for them separately. Concerning visitor visas, the group fee is only used for families.

You can visit Here for more information about the Fees for Canada 2018 visa application form

Note– The Canada Visa Application in Nigeria feed is in USD.

How To Apply Online For Canada Visa Application Form

You can fill.and submit your visa application form online through canada Online visa application a website

How to Track your Canada visa Application in Nigeria?

Do you know that Tracking your visa is now made so easy? To start the tracking process, kindly ensure you first submit your application form online.

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After that, start your visa tracking.

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