What should I do when my ATM card is stolen or misplaced?

What should I do when my ATM card is stolen or misplaced?

Currently, a lot of people do misplace or get their ATM Card lost in one way or the other. With this write up, you will get a tangible solution in case of such incident.

My experience when I misplaced my wallet on a fateful night, I do not know what he’s ATM cards id cards and cash i was complicated and mixed and I can get to the bank in the morning to maximize the return alert last N10,000 a bank account I feel so confident, that I would not want anyone close to me face such disasters, or confused in such a state that is why I decided to share banking information .

This has been a very vital challenge for customers especially when they have a lot of cash in that account and the card just got lost or stolen by robbers they become confused, you don’t need to just go by this steps.

  1. If you have the helpline or customer care line on your phone quickly call to block your card to avoid withdrawals and if you don’t have quickly rush to your nearest branch to make that complaint of them to block the card.
  2. Request for a new card to overwrite the stolen or lost card.
  3. Ensure the new card has a different pin from the stolen or lost card.

More so if you have an application on that account card is stolen or lost quickly transfer money to an account before approaching the bank to block the card saves you cash quickly that it is always advisable to get your bank mobile application of the proper use or issues arising as getting your bank helpline for unforeseen circumstances.


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