Canada Immigration Visa and Travel | Download Canada Visa, Passport and Travel Application Forms Visa Applications

Canada Immigration Visa and Travel | Download Canada Visa, Passport and Travel Application Forms
Visa Applications

Canada Immigration Visa and Travel

As you read through, you will be informed on how to Migrate to Canada Successfully with a Visa. You can also get information on how you can easily Download Canada Visa and apply for the Passports and Visa Application forms.

Visa application forms for the Canada Student Visa, Work Visa, Marriage Visa, and Visitor Visa present complex issues for potential applicants. To aid the application process Immigration, Visa and Travel have put Canadian visa application forms into free, comprehensive, easy to read application packs designed to guide each applicant through the complex process of applying for a visa to Canada.

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Canada Immigration Visa and Travel | Download Canada Visa, Passport and Travel Application Forms Visa Applications

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) issue millions of visas each year to tourists, students, businessmen and skilled workers. Several million are refused each year because applicants did not meet the specified requirements for the type of visa they applied for. The choice is vast and applicants need to ensure the following points:

that they are applying within the correct visa category
that they have completed the application form acceptably and accurately
that they have submitted all of the correct supporting documents to the right authorities
that they have paid the correct fee and undergone biometric tests

Download Canada Visa, Passport and Travel Application Forms, Visa Applications

Canada visa application forms are frequently delayed and / or denied because of an oversight on one of the above points.

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Canadian visas are official permits affixed to a travel document or passport by an Entry Clearance Officer based at one of the many Canadian Consulates or Embassies abroad. It allows the holder to legally enter the country. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has strict rules about who it lets in to study or work in the country. It is vital that all prospective applicants apply for the correct category using the correct application forms. Failure to submit the form correctly and accurately can result in delays and sometimes denial. Likewise failure to submit the correct supporting documents or to lie on your application can lead to a denial and in many cases you will not be allowed to reapply for a period of ten years.

clicking the download link for a free Canada Visa Application

Passport Applications

You  need a Canada passport application form if you need to get your first Canadian passport, renew your Canadian passport or replace a lost or stolen Canadian passport. In a world where foreign travel is common-place everyone needs to keep their Canadian passport up-to-date. It doesn’t matter if you need a Canada passport from the US, Australia or the UK, you can download the free Canada Passport Application Pack so long as you qualify as a Canadian citizen.

Canadian passports are issued to anyone who can prove their Canadian nationality. Holding a Canadian passport entitles the bearer to freedom of movement and the right to work and live in Canada. Canada passports are the most common travel document issued to Canadian nationals. Holding a Canadian passport is a big convenience as it exempts Canadian nationals from applying for visas to travel to many other countries because Canada has many reciprocal visa waiver agreements around the world. The Canadian passports are issued exclusively by Passport Canada and are valid for 5 years, except Canadian passports for children under 3, which are valid for three years.

Canada Travel Programs

Travel programs like NEXUS and FAST cards make up the Canadian governments border protection and easy access travel programs. Canada travel programs allow low risk citizens to cross borders into neighboring countries without the need for long waits, passports and in depth inspections at customs and border patrols.

The NEXUS Pass allows Canadian and US citizens to cross the US Canada border swiftly by road, sea or at airports. NEXUS cards are issued to children as well as adults who meet the NEXUS program criteria.

Commercial truck drivers who cross  the US  Canadian border can apply for a FAST Pass as part of the Canadian governments Free And Secure Trade program to help business owners expedite commercial goods across the continent.  The FAST Card is a must for any trucker looking for employment in the haulage industry. Truckers must hold a commercial drivers license and have a clean criminal record in order to apply for a FAST Card.

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