Nigerian Independence Day | National Day Of Nigeria | October 2017

Nigerian Independence Day | National Day Of Nigeria | October 2017 All the members, Team and C.E.O of Calendergist are here by standing with confident to pronounce A 57 Hearty Happy Independence to All Nigerians as October 1, 2017 marks our 57 Years of Independence. You are all welcome to calendergist, we celebrate you!!! When is Nigerian Independence Day? Continue Reading

Android vs. iOS: Which One Is Best for You?

On the hunt for a new smartphone? There are thousands of new phone models, but when it comes to software, you’ll mostly likely end up choosing only between Android and iOS (99.6% of new smartphones come with either OS). So, is the grass really greener on the latest Android phone compared to the iPhone 7? We’ve listed some general smartphone features that you might find Continue Reading

7 must-have skills in a graphic designer’s resume

The resume describes the designer’s skills that are not so obvious if you look only at the portfolio. A Professional Graphic Designer must possess a number of skills that, sooner or later, will make him or her a Successful Graphic Designer. Now we will carefully consider what kind of skills those are. Find dozens of new hot jobs for the graphic designer every day - visit Continue Reading

5 proven ways to detect A LIE in a resume

A resume of a candidate is your first acquaintance with him or her. Higher education and vast work experience are the qualities that companies are looking for. Any HR knows that applicants with a lack of experience and skills often try to get the desired job by “adjusting” their biography. We will tell you how to detect liars and protect your company from them! Where can Continue Reading – Happyworld Registration Bonuses| Create Account & Signup Now

 Happyworldmealgate Registration Bonuses| Create Account & Signup Now Just like other Networking, Happyworldmealgate is a network plan that has come to liberate many people in Nigeria and Worldwide from Hunger and with purpose of feeding the people with foods as part of their Incentive. Continue Reading

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