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Changing Lives Online is an online community of people who come with feeble minds to change the life of another with poverty or any other form of financial distress.

Are you financially stranded? Join this community, contribute to fewer people N10,000 and turn the financial crisis to history.

Registration Bonus

The signup bonus is given to a new member of the public as being allowed to change the lives of other members.


provide Help

Provide Help (PH) is to support a certain amount of money in your affordability change the lives of other community members.


get help

Getting Help (GH) is to seek help from other members after you have provided assistance to other members of the community.


about Bonus

Another bonus is given on each new member referred to in the community. The number of referrals you determine your promotion. Higher rank shows the highest earning.


Active Support

Our support always work online to address any issue escalated. You can contact support


Pure hearts

This is a community of enthusiastic minds and are very committed to changing the lives of other members. This community agreed minimum falsifications. Action was taken against the erring candidates with immediate effect.

Official website –

Birth Date – January 19th, 2017

Changing Lives Online (Register on #CLO and Get 100% in 24 Hours) – Login

What makes this platform called #CLO Unique?

Nothing like a select number of pH on #CLO because you can only choose from many 3 ..

N10,000 to get N20,000

N20,000 to get N40,000

N50,000 to get N100,000

#CLO Unlike TwinKas but somehow, because you appear ready to provide assistance to someone in need and stand to get help.

Be appropriate is to pay even a few hours after the show ready to provide assistance.

You only have 48 hours to redeem your pledge, failure to do so, the account will be blocked.


How to change the lives of online services


Registering as a new candidate for filling all the required fields. False information was not allowed as this is a community of faithful people pure minds to change lives. If you called an existing candidates, get candidates through the link (e.g for your registration.

All information data must be cross-checked and click on Submit. Information submitted not editable. Your e-mail is a real number, make sure you register with an active e-mail, is what you use to contact Support. Phone number must be consistent, and reachable to ease pressure from other participants and Support.

Registration bonus was never on your first pH and is withdrawable after the pH has been paid and confirmed. Releasing the first pH request automatically cancel the registration bonus and new signup bonus is given on the new pH request after releasing.

Below are the registration bonus pH:

PH N10,000: Reg bonus N1,000

PH N20,000: Reg bonus N2,000

PH N50,000: Reg bonus N5,000

Provide Help [pH]

PH is a request to provide a sum of N10,000, N20,000, N50,000 to change the lives of other participants and for your own life in fact touch and get a 100% return on the gift of some participants.

The amount of pH must be available for pH to avoid being banned. You have those words 48hrs to pay. You can conveniently immediately or after a few days with one or more beneficiaries who live your present (PH) is favorably lower. You can immediately request assistance (GH) when the pH is paid and confirmed. You are required to upload, on the front, a valid argument payment (POP: deposit or transfer slip) image or PDF format by clicking the “pay”. This is what the beneficiary confirmed on his own before then the transaction is completed.

Please, be informed that Fake POP CONDONED! The erring candidates is immediately suspended. All transactions are strictly monitored.

Do not pay into an account other than the one you see on the front of the harness.

Getting Help [GH]

GH is a request for help to get to help you out. You will be a suitable candidate (s) will pay the amount of GH into account. The daughter uploads proof payments and make sure that after receiving money in your account by clicking the “pay”. NEVER CONFIRM IF YOU DO NOT accept cash and make the payment immediately and you pay to avoid delays transaction.

Incase they pay less pay in 48hrs, the person will be stopped is the amount involved returned to your #CLO (i.e your account) that you can re-GH immediately. The minimum and maximum amount of GH N10,000 and N100,000 respectively go. If #CLO below N10,000 patient group to N10,000 before you can GH. After that, if you #CLO is over you can N100,000 GH twice or if your #CLO balance in multiple (s) of N10,000.

200% of what pH is what you GH.

with respect to

To reap more in this community, you need to call more active members in the community.

Below is the amount you earn on referrals PHs base on the number of referrals:

0 – 24 m Mika => 1%

25 – 49 m Mika => 5%

50 – 74 m Mika => 8%

75 – 99 m Mika => 10%

100 m Mika & sky => 15%


When I expect my money back?

A you can put GH request that will be relevant in 24 – 48 hours to obtain payment.

What makes #CLO interesting?

Registration bonus

When you register and appear ready to provide assistance in registration bonus of 10% share, it depends …

Once you reach the more your game board% increase …

Changing Lives Online #CLO Registration

Would you like to register? Cool -> Click Here to Register


  1. Eseyin Jacobs says:

    I GH since 13thfebruary and DH since that day but I’ve not been marched.

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