Community Mutual Aid (CMA Nigeria) – {Register & Get 40%-50% in 30 Days} – LOGIN

Community Mutual Aid (CMA Nigeria) – {Register & Get 40%-50% in 30 Days} – LOGIN

About Community Mutual Aid

Official Website –>

Birth Date –> 16th November, 2016 (According to Whois)

Launch in Nigeria –> 1st March, 2017

Community Mutual Aid [CMA] Nigeria Review

A mutual aid platform where you declare a willingness to support someone’s dream or provide help and get 40% interest in 30 days.

40% ROI in 30 Days

Minimum and Maximum PH is not yet fixed, but the maximum and minimum PH will be displayed on your dashboard when you want to PH.

Your money keep growing for a maximum of 3 month after which it will stop growing because CMA is not a bank, you can GH and PH the money again to keep growing.

10% Referral bonus

Guiders Bonus (You need only 40+ Downlines to become a guider)

Guider’s bonus goes up to the 4th level

  • Level 1: – 5% of the contribution amount, this is from people taken by your direct referrals
  • • Level 2: – 3% of the contribution amount, this is from people raise the level 1 referrers
  • • Level 3: – 2% of the contribution amount, this is from people raise the level 2 referrers
  • • Level 4: – 1% of the contribution amount, this is from people raise the level 3referrers


A platform without recommitment plan will crash faster, the recommitment plan here is simple and quite ideal than other platforms… When you GH, the system automatically create a 30% recommitment PH for you.


Let’s say you are withdrawing N30,000, if you do not have a PH order, the system will automatically create a PH order of 30% of N30,000 for you which is N9000.

Testimonial bonus

  • Audio bonus –> 3%
  • Video bonus –> 5%

Speed Bonus (Contribution & Confirmation)

  • Contribution bonus (when you make payment after being matched within 24 hours, you get 5% bonus withdrawable after 30 days)
  • Confirmation Bonus (When you confirm someone who made payment to your bank account within 72 hours, you also get 5% bonus withdrawable after 30 days)

Registration Bonus

  • Dreams of 1000 to 9 999 200 signup bonus will be awarded. More great. A hold for 30 days.
  • From 10 000 to 49 999 700 signup bonus will be awarded. More great. A hold for 30 days.
  • From 50 000 to 100 000 in registration bonus of 1 500 will be awarded. More great. A hold for 30 days.
  • Bitcoin Automatic Payment Confirmation
  • The issue of uploading fake proof of payment has been eradicated from the system which means if the pH in Bitcoins, delay, be sure to remove, all you have to do is copy and paste your transaction hash code after send bitcoin payments will be auto-proven system.
  • Click here to register

Why You Should Try Out Community Mutual Aid (CMA)

Like I said earlier CMA is the perfect Rival, Hey, I’m not trying to bring Get Help Worldwide (GHW) down, don’t you know that competition makes the platforms more favorable?.

CMA is here to give GHW a tough time and I like it.

I am not doing a comparison here but might be doing a CMA Vs GHW indirectly *LOL*

Ehhhm! Cyberwaver, Guiders crashed MMM Nigeria, what will happen to CMA because I can see that being a Guider is allowed here…

Thanks for the question, although guiders crashed MMM Nigeria (MMM is back tho) because MMM Nigeria had no recommitment plan enabled.

Do you know that Guiders in a bid to increase their earnings employ many strategies to market their link to get more referrals and its crucial to the growth of the system.

Let me ask you this question?… Will you strive to market something when you get 0 Naira from it?

You are saying referral bonus is not good for the system, but I bet you wouldn’t have heard of the system if there was no bonus attached to it.

Guiders market their links with money on Facebook to get more Downlines… They are not be ignored and also they serve as the closest support to participants, appreciate the work of the guiders and don’t think about what they get.

If you are jealous of the huge sums they get, do more work and make people register through your link to earn more…

Do you know that this is a mutual aid platform, you are not forced to provide help, you declare a willingness to provide help. OK

Get Help Worldwide is a cool platform quite alright, for the sustainability of their platform they introduced recommitment feature which is quite harsh on participant.

Hmmm how?

Let’s say what you have to help someone with is N50,000, in Get Help Worldwide you will get 30% of that amount + principal which is N65,000 altogether, you have 3 days to provide another help of nothing less than N50,000…

CMA fights that… How?

Participants are not forced to provide help of what is too high for them to redeem, with that N50,000 you get N70,000 and you only get to recommit N21,000… Cool isn’t it…
Do you know that you can make more than 40% on a month, let’s say 120% in a month.

After making a pledge on CMA, you will be matched on the 3rd week or the 4th week of making a pledge.

Let’s say you have N100,000 to invest, on the first week you PH, after a space of 10 days, provide another help of the same amount and continue doing so at that interval… With it you can be doubling your income.

CMA design is top class and here to stay, its not like those dummy websites that set up shitty website.

Community Mutual Aid Registration

Here is how to fill the registration form to avoid issues.

Make sure your password is mixed with upper case (capital) letters , numbers and small letters.

  • First name –> Your Surname
  • Last name –> Your name
  • Email –> Your active email address
  • Confirm Email –> The email address you entered above
  • Country –> Nigeria or the country you are from
  • Region –> Enter your state
  • City –> Mushin
  • Mobile number –> Your active phone number
  • Referrer –> use this email address ( )

After registering, if a confirmation mail is not sent, go to the login page, input your details, it will ask you to send activation link… Click it

A link will be sent as a mail to your mailbox, Click the link and finish the process..

Click here to register


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