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How To Create Bitcoin Wallet Account On Blockchain – Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency and a payment system. Bitcoin is the largest of its kind in terms of total market value. Bitcoin Wallet is inform of a bank account where most of the transaction can be done and one can easily fund his or her accounts for accessibility of other online networking such as Zarfund.Com, Five2btc.Com etc.

Create Bitcoin Wallet Now – you can create a Bitcoin Wallet by visiting and click on “CREATE A WALLET”. You have to enter a valid Email Address and create an extremely secure Password that you can remember.

Don’t forget that the password will be for your account on Blockchain.Info which should not be the same with your e-mail password and should be minimum of 10 characters long. Remember that you are not to forget your password, write it down somewhere and keep it were it cannot be get lost or use a password manager such as free keypass software Keepass.Info or free lastpass Lastpass.Com.

Re-enter the password, read Terms and Service and check the box you agree to them. Click “continue”.

After the sign up, a link will be sent to your email address for verification, once that is done, your wallet account will be created successfully.

Remember that you must make use of the password that you used initially in creating the account during the time of your login to your wallet account.

How To Create Bitcoin Wallet Account On Blockchain – Www.Blockchain.Info

The Bitcoin Wallet account that you have just created will enable you to make any transaction for any online networking such as Zarfund.Com, Five2btc.Com. You can also register for your Zarfund Account when you have supply us with your information such as


Email address

Bank account number

Phone number or you can call the help line 07060847718.

This can be done when you make use of your wallet address to request for funding through your friend or anybody.  You can see your wallet address code when you click on Receive.

Systematically, one can fund your wallet account from 0.001 btc or 0.002, 0.003 btc.

1btc is equivalent to $782.14. You can sell your bit coin if you wish to do that.



  1. ajibesin stephen says

    I hav try to open account here no way for me. Please help me. it is over a week now.

  2. Dickson ogu says

    Please help recover my e-wallet on with name Dickson Ogu

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