Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market – November 2018 Exchange Market With Dollar

Here, we’re going to compare and update latest News on Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Via the black Market and CBN.

We aren’t sure if the price of Dollars remains the same with that of Naira, but on this occasion, you’ll get the price of each currency.

Currently, the Naira to Dollar Exchange rate at this Month Goes on to be

  • N361 – Buy per $1
  • N364 – Sell per $1

Have you seen the Exchange rate? That’s sounds more interesting to hear. On the other hand, fluctuation of currency via price may strongly affect the Naira to Dollar Currency.

CBN Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

The Central Bank of Nigeria Dollar to Naira Exchange rate is at the rate of ….

  • N304.65/305.65 To $1

You’re hereby notify that the exchange rate to this currency always changes due to the price fluctuation in the Labour and Global Market.

Forex Trader uses the opportunity to trade digitally on different Currency including Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Japanese Dollar, Canadian Dollars and others.

If you really want us to update you with latest Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate, then comment below.

Currency Conversion on Nigerian Naira Parallel Market Selling Rate

  • $1 = 364
  • $10 = 3640
  • $50 = 18200
  • $100 = 36400
  • $200 = 73800
  • $300 = 109200
  • $500 = 182000
  • $1000 = 364000
  • $10000 = 3640000

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Kindly note that more value is made to naira vs dollar exchange through the black market than the CBN. This post will guide you thoroughly on how to do that.

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