How To Apply For France Visa in Nigeria | Visa Requirements For All Countries

Have you been in France through other Country? Are you planning to Visit, Work or reside in France?

We have good news for you. This guide is already design to assist you on requirements for France Visa. First of all, let me start by recommending you for making a choice to travel out of the Country.

There are many country you can as well visit for either work or business purposes. These country requires your travelling documents before you can visit them.

France Visa and their Categories

There are 6 categories of France Visa that you can apply for, but we’ll be discussing the important ones.

Here are the Fees that are attached to each one

  1. Transit Visa
  2. Single-entry Visa
  3. Multiple Entry Visa
  4. Guideline for Issuing single or multiple entry Visa
  5. Proof of support or Coverage from Medical Emergencies.

We are giving out this charges for clarity of while this post is written. You can still get more information on this from other sources.

Notice that our main reasons is to discuss about how to apply for France Visa this year.

Requirement for France Visa in Nigeria

  • Visa Application Form
  • Colored photographs on white background
  • Valid Nigerian Immigration Passport
  • Photocopies of all your Visas
  • Copies of an ID Card
  • Proof of two-way air tickets
  • Health Insurance Documents
  • Financial Statement from the Bank
  • Hotel Booking Proof
  • Copy of Tax file and business record for independent tourist
  • Invitation from relatives, friends or family from Dubai with their Physical Address, telephone, names and photocopies of France Passport.

How To Apply For France Visa in Nigeria

Before you can apply for this, you must read and understand every single words about this guide on France Visa requirements.

If that is done, then you can now apply here on Click Here

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