Language tutoring & Translation | Laclic Service Limited –

Language tutoring & Translation | Laclic Service Limited –

Laclic Service Limited

In Laclics Services, you will learn Different Languages and translations in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi and Arabic
Language Tutoring Service

We offer language courses through our centres spread across Nigeria and other parts of the world. We possess a network of tutors who are versed and available to teach clients in more than 10 languages. Our tutoring service can be centre based where you visit our dedicated centres or homebased where our tutors visit you wherever you are.

Translation Services

You can depend on us for easy communication with your partners, clients or business associates simply because we have a hub of the best translators who help you through any transaction with a robust expertise translation service.

Cultural Exchange Services

We offer special and organised cultural exchange programs to foster intercultural and language learnings across the world. We offer this service to schools, companies, groups and individuals.

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Language tutoring & Translation | Laclic Service Limited –

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Live Streaming Classes

We provide technological driven language support services such as LIVE streaming class through our website. With this, you can learn language online with a live tutor.

Signature Media Services

Our signature media services cut across digital, traditional media etc. Now, we have a signature language newspaper that dishes out news in nine languages simultaneously; and an online language TV that provides our targets with interesting contents in different languages.

Visa Processing Service

Through our special tours and language programs, we travel often. Because of this, we offer visa assistance to candidates or individuals who want to explore the world while learning about cultures and places.

Organized Educational Programs

We offer organised educational programs in different subjects for schools, corporate bodies etc across the world.

Special Corporate Services

With this service, we work with companies to create signature language packages, excursions, expatriate language support, cultural exchange programs and translation services for trans border business transactions.

Ecommerce For Travellers

We run a dedicated ecommerce platform called focused on delivering multi-value products to people just landing or settling in Nigeria.

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