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Nairapropeller Registration | Compensational Plan & Login DetailsNaira propeller is a Nigerian website for Get Rich Quick Guys, and latest reports Pay Very good down is how works in Nigeria.

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New and fast growing pattern present community! Propel which have propelled! Life goes on!

300% Return

In sum propeller, you get 300% of your gift. Gift is strictly restricted to only N10,000.

Active Support

Support is always there to help you. Matters relating to grant registration to attend top priority issues to help.

No Referrals

Although there is a 10% bonus, get a referral is not necessary. Your 300% awaits you with or without a referral.

Quick Pay

Paying 300% to help every 24 hours of propelling naira. The interest payment within 24 hours of propelling naira or get blocked and deleted.

Multiple Accounts

Having multiple accounts is not allowed, and attracts final account without prior notice.


The user is expected to write a letter and evidence within 72 hours of receiving a gift. Lack attracts account last.

Remember that is quite fast and easy; Naira propeller Registration is only for those that needs a website, although it is a Nigeria Get Money Rich Type, as show behind the website pay. is the fastest way. “Naira propeller registrationgets better, pay less how you can use the “website” to “register” and make passive income for yourself; you can understand better when you navigate to the website.

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Propell # 10000 propelled # 30000 in the week…

Pay # 10000 and get # 30000 … Working and paying…. Emergency Steps to Register

  1. click link above, a platform will be shown … your GMAIL account....
  2. A link will be sent to your Gmail account … open your Gmail account and click on the link to complete your registration process…
  3. After go up … into account and further details on the front….
  4. Propel and will be merged with a … pay # 10000 and upload your payment proof ….
  5. Sit back and wait your # 10000 from 3 in 3 days…

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  1. i made Donations to my referrals since 3rd of February till now donation has not made to me why but i hope 72 hours

  2. how many hours is the time giving for someone to propel before his/her account will be blocked?

  3. Pls admin have been trying to login to my account to see if have been propelled but its not showing my account i dont no what is wrong
    Pls help me

  4. this all i heard you said “you will soon paid ok”but your site comments 72 hours just 3days but it get to two week now

    • dont forget that am not the owner of nairapropeller, so am here to guide some people who are already members of the platform, you can call me via 07060847718

  5. i 3rd of feburary propelled but i cant log in again into my account. can admin me please

  6. victoria Emmanuel says:

    I can’t login to My Account .why is your site showing error

  7. I made payment since on d 3rd of febuary till now I have not neen paid. right now the site is no lpnger opening.

  8. I have propelled help to someone for the past 7day, nobody has propelled me and the worst is I have not been able to login into my account since yesterday. Please, I will need clarification.

  9. Ngozi Nweze says:

    I registered with naira propeller a month ago through a friend that introduced me and I was merged to pay somebody which I did. I uploaded my proof of payment and till this date I have not been paid.Please what is going on? Don’t I deserve to be paid?

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