New Zealand (INZ) Visa Application 2018 | How to Apply for Visa Ticket from any Country

New Zealand (INZ) Visa Application 2018 | How to Apply for Visa Ticket from any Country

Visa Application to New Zealand is available for those interested to travel for any purpose, just check on the link and apply now.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will issue label-less visas to all citizens whose temporary entry applications (student, work, and visitor) are submitted , and whose applications are approved.

New Zealand (INZ) Visa Application 2018

This means that if your visa application is approved, you will not have a visa label in your passport. Instead, INZ will email you a letter with your visa details. You must print out this letter and carry it in your passport.

New Zealand’s electronic visa system does not require you to have a visa label placed in your passport to confirm your immigration status and entitlements in New Zealand.

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New Zealand (INZ) Visa Application 2018 | How to Apply for Visa Ticket from any Country – EsaMoney Sign up & Start Earning Money Online by Viewing Advertising Websites

How to Apply for Visa Ticket from any Country

When you check in to fly to New Zealand, airline staff will use your passport and your visa approval letter to confirm that you have the authority to travel to New Zealand prior to boarding the aircraft.

It is very important that you carry your visa approval letter in your passport when travelling to New Zealand. Failure to do so may result in the airline refusing to allow you to board your aircraft.

If you are a citizen from any Country, submitting applications for any purpose requires that you must provide:

Your original passport
2 copies of the Bio data page of your passport
1 copy of each page of your passport that has a visa label or exit or entry stamp

Important: Except for your passport, do not provide original documents with your visa application, unless requested by INZ.

How to Apply

Information on How to Apply is available on this website.

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