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Here I want to introduce to you to another platform of daily income in Nigeria and to some extent, other country.

Nigeria News on has arrived just like NNU. Ng. Have you been looking for online source of income?

You’ll find all the FAQs here on NEWSPAY Nigeria as you want to start making some earnings right here.

Alright, am not going to talk much about, all I want you to do here is to search online about using your browser.

related update Registration

Before then, newspay is an online platform where you came and read Nigeria latest news and equally get paid as a registered member of the platform.

Being a member of, you’ll stand a chance of benefiting a lot while you make daily income by earning in each post you care to read.

Newspay just requires only two  persons that you refereed before you can start making your cash out.

Registration into news pay is only N1600 for a whole process. Once this is done, your earning start counting for you.

Get more information on Here

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Earn Daily Income on News Pay  Nigeria

You can start earning on immediately you get your self activated under the platform. you’re to read latest news from the post before you can earn.

Account Login

You are required to create username and password and you must have an active email address where you can reset your password. Registration

Registration on newspay are done online. you can see how it can be achieve if you want to be a member, just come online on and make a payment of 1600, then get your account activated and start earning while you read any post here.

You can as well get us informed if you want to know more about, make your comment below here.


  1. Franklin UKACHUKWU says:

    Hello, please how do I register on newspay? Thank you

  2. I tried registering but it’s not working

  3. I have purchased coupon yesterday and I tried registering but it not opening

  4. I can’t reset my password after following through link sent to my mail
    It shows key is invalid or already used
    I don’t know what to do

  5. My referrals link has been giving me problems, It doesn’t even show anything like register

  6. i dnt knw how to register pls

  7. the website is nt opening today……pls what happen

  8. I Want To Join

  9. Sunday Olukayode says:

    I have been able to login, perform daily tasks and earning before it suddenly log me out when I complained of deduction on my account. Thereafter, I complained my inability to login again which I was told to clear cache but all to no avail.

    It seems like scam to me because is over a month now.

  10. I can pay through any of their link. Is there any other form like their account number for me to pay in

  11. It simple you just have to pay 1600 naira to a authorised newspay vendors at skye bank then send the payment slip code number to the vendor he or she will tell you the next step okay

  12. I tried paying for registration the first time I had registration issues only for me to get an alert that I have been credited twice of 4800 .this is pure wickedness

  13. Its up to one month now I registered, I have been unable to access my account. The site its not even opening. What wrong.

  14. PAul oloyede says:

    i’m not been paid for my login since fours day ago and my comment fee is not reflecting effectively.

  15. Obot saviour says:

    I want to register

  16. The site is not even going at all so i’m unable to perform taste to earn I probably don’t think that it is a scam buT site is not acessible they should solve the problem of their site it will make people think they are scam

  17. i want to register but i coulnt.what is apply coupon.i couldnt do antin on apply coupon.what is affliate usename. how would i get it pls mail me

  18. Jackson Mercy says:

    is this newspay the same thing as NNU??? cos I don’t really see any difference in both and I don’t want to end up registering twice for the same thing…

  19. reekygrow says:

    pls help me out on how to do the daily task

  20. Badakin paul says:

    If you don’t know how to register newspay or nnu.. Dm me on my WhatsApp no on 09036449935

  21. Johndalton500 says:

    I haven’t been able to check my account since I got registered

  22. Is any amount I can withdraw after my first payment

  23. please how can I withdrew from my account?

  24. Kingsley anorue says:

    Please after registration how can I get paid
    Like how will I receive my money

  25. Are we post sponsored post either on Facebook or twitter or both, because I don’t have twitter acct as at now and not ready to open any

  26. I can’t login to my account

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