Nigerian International Passport Application 2018 – Nigerian International Passport Guidelines, Cost and Renewal

A passport is a travel document, usually issued by the government of a country, which certifies the true identity of the country of the holder for the purpose of international travel. A Nigerian passport is an important part of the document provided by the government of Nigeria to the public to travel outside the country.

For new passport application, the government of Nigeria now offers electronic passport known as e-passport. These passports come in handy bound copies and subsequent copies are classified as either Standard Nigerian passport or Official e-passport, depending on the intended use.

How to find a valid Nigerian International passport

Nigerian International passport can be obtained in two ways, as explained above, either way they are the same.


This is the most common way to get a valid International passport, however, is quite expensive as one gets is done through an agent. But one should be cautious when using an agent for technicalities involved the risk of being reduced to a proxy.


Below are guidelines and the way to get an online international passport and documents required.

  • Nigeria passport application form (should be completed online and printed out
  • Payment slip
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Birth certificate
  • Change the name by if
  • a copy of the requested data page
  • Two current passport-sized photos
  • Drivers license
  • Processing Nigerian passport fee of N15,000 depending on the age bracket
  • In order to take on how to pay online after the necessary documents prepared.

International Passport Application Guidelines

General methods Passport Application

  1. Visit the Home page Nigeria Immigration Portal
  2. Locate & click on the practical application form to start the process:
  3. e-Passport Application Form
  4. MRP – Passport Application Form (not applicable All Destination)
  5. Select passport type “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-passport”, and then click on the “Start Application button.
  6. Fill in the Application form. See AR FULL responsibility for information IN THIS Form “check box, click” PRINT “Button hit full form.
  7. Click on ‘Submit Application’ button to check the claim details page
  8. Click on “Continue to Online Payment”
  9. Click to select Payment Currency “Pay sum” or “Pay in Dollars” option to click on the ‘Continue’ button
  10. Select the currency you want to use for payment (sum or US Dollars):
  11. If you choose the option to pay a sum, you will be prompted to select PayType (payment method): “Bank”, “Credit OR debit card”
  12. If you wish to pay a bank, select the “Bank” and click continue,
  13. Check the list of participating banks, and then click on “Continue”.
  14. “Print confidence” button will help you hit the “pay allegiance Slip” Transaction ID, Application ID & Reference Number.
  • With a copy of your payment acknowledgment slip, continue to attend the bank paid.
  1. A payment youMUST Bank will offer a secure payment platform provides a receipt that contains a “validation Number”. You need “validation Number” for maintenance payments on portal. (To use your validation Number, the section on validation Number below)
  2. If you wish to pay by Credit / debit card, select “Credit / debit card” and click continue,
  3. You will be required to fill in the log-in credentials.
  4. After filling in, click “Login” button and you will be sent to the payment portal
  • To advance the payment and click “Pay” button.
  1. Payment portal displays the application details, click on the “Continue” button.
  2. “Value Card” payment page, providing information & card Click on the “OK” button
  3. After the payment, the “validation Number” is generated. Store and use it to make payments.
  • You can also print by clicking on “Print receipt” button.

Using validation Number

After the payment, was “Number quality”, continues Nis portal for maintenance payments:

  1. Go to the “query your Application Payment Status” and enter the Passport Application ID Reference No.
  2. If a “validation Number” field appear, please enter the code from the secure payment platform provider received. Remember: validation Number is generated after the payment through Bank.
  3. Click the “Search Record” button and you will be sent to “seek Details” page where a day for your interview generated.
  4. You can now print a receipt or an Acknowledgement Slip using the buttons on this page. (You will need them for your interview).
  5. You will be presented with nis e-contamination or Acknowledgement Slip in a new window. Click on the “Print” button to send a copy to the printer.

To pay out of Nigeria

  1. If you select a function other than Nigeria, payments will be made in US Dollars. Will be re-directed to secure payment platform to complete your application and make you pay in US Dollars.
  2. Ensure payment, development Interview with relevant documents. Please note that your interview schedule, the last e-discovery and confidence slip only accessible using validation Number.
  3. To publish your nis e-discovery
  4. The portal home page, click on the query your application payment status link
  5. On the next page, select ‘passport’ as an option under the Application Type drop down
  6. Enter the following information:
  1. Submit details
  2. Your full application details will be back
  3. Scroll down the page and click on “Print receipt
  4. You will be presented Nis e-discovery in a new window
  5. Click on ‘Print’ get sent a copy to the printer
  6. To provide your passport Sponsor Form
  7. Click on the passport guarantee form on the home page of the Nigeria Immigration Service
  8. Enter reference ID number generated on confidence slip
  9. Click Print print from the first page and two near the print page (you still need to press the Print button)

General Documents required for the conversion:

Standard Passport (Green Cover)

That right?

All Nigerian by birth, naturalization and registration This is the most commonly used travel document in Nigeria.

  1. Local letter identification.
  2. Birth certificate / age declaration.
  3. 2 recent color passport photos
  4. Sponsor’s form by a commissioner of oaths / Magistrate / High Court Judge
  5. Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years
  6. Marriage certificate where the
  7. Police report incase of lost passport
  8. Submit application and supporting documents to the passport office / Embassy / High commission

Official passport

  1. Letter of introduction from the State Government, Federal Government Ministry / Organization.
  2. Marriage certificate where the
  3. Police report if I lose my passport
  4. Letter of appointment / final presentation.
  5. Submit application and supporting documents to the passport office / Embassy / High commission

Diplomatic Passport (Red Cover)

  1. (a) Letter of introduction of the applicant’s Ministry, Parastatal or Extra – ministerial department
  2. (1) Passport m.

Seamans Book required (maroon cover)

That right?

This is provided for Nigerians who worked on ocean going vessels or watercrafts.

  1. Sponsor’s Details
  2. Sponsor duly signed by a commissioner of oaths
  3. copy of the data page of the guarantee passport and either
  4. a copy of the National identity card
  5. license.
  6. Birth certificate or declaration years
  7. Letter of understanding of local origin or residence
  8. Two (2) passport m.
  9. Court by the police report if I lose my passport
  10. Acknowledgement slip and get paid

Pilgrims Passport (color varies from year to year for security reasons)

That right?

  • Nigeria to go on Pilgrimage to the Holy lands.


  • It is valid only for six months.


  • acknowledgment slip & payment received 2 thumbnails is determined, in all cases
  • Print out a copy of duly completed application form
  • The printed and signed application forms to passport office / Embassy / High Commission for further processing
  • A guarantee must attach the following documents
  1. photocopy of the data page Nigerian standard passport
  2. Driving License or National Identity Card

Differences between the 32-PAGES INTERNATIONAL passport and 62-PAGES INTERNATIONAL passport

There are two types of Nigerian International passport. there are 32 pages International passport and there is 62-pages International passport. The 62-pages International passport was introduced due to the backdrop of the 32-pages of international passport and enthusiastic travelers especially entrepreneurs.

But one can only find 62 pages International passport, after presenting your fill up or protect the 32-pages full international passport.

INTERNATIONAL passport renewal Nigeria

The cost of renewing an International passport N20,000. If it does not fit, you can speak with immigration head office in Abuja, to do it. These documents are required for a passport renewal.

  • Police report if misplaced
  • Renewal fee
  • Two (2) passport sized photographs preferably with white background
  • Passport of losing international passport (if applicable)
  • First confirmed imageacquisition

It is advisable to apply for a new International passport instead of going through

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