Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2019 | How to Apply For Online

Here’s how to apply for Nigerian navy Recruitment 2019. what we will show you here is all about 2019 recruitment in Military force. Nigerian Navy is one of the Paramilitary force in Nigeria that helps in Law Enforcement Agency within the country.

Have you been trying to trying to join Navy recruitment in Nigeria?  If yes, then continue reading this article.

The online portal for Navy job is and application are done online.

Firstly, we’ll explain in details the Full A-Z Guide about Navy recruitment. You will also see the requirements, Academic qualification and to some extents basic materials

Secondly, you’ll see how to apply urgently for the job without any delay.

Note: Navy Application 2018 is free and application is done online, there is nothing like any payment for purchasing of forms.

Candidates that possesses the following requirements to be mention below will only be those that will be eligible for this recruitment exercise.

It will be nice to check for your documents after reading through this article in order to know if they are intact, so if that is done, then there is chances that you will be successfully selected during the exercise and screening.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2019 Requirements and Qualifications

  • Applicants must be a Nigerian Citizens By birth
  • Applicants must be free from any previous conviction by court of Law
  • Height for male must be 1.7m while that of female must be 1.67
  • Applicants must be single
  • Ages between 18 years and 35 years are eligible
  • Local Government Attestation form from LG must be presented by applicants
  • Academic qualification with the area of discipline must also be presented and
  • Above all, white background passport.

How to Apply for Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2019 Online

Formation on how you can apply for Navy recruitment has been detailed. From here, you will also get to know what you just need to do is to go through all the instructions.

Note that application is online. This will even make it easy for you. Once you have paid a visit the portal, you can easily apply for Navy 2019 recruitment for free.

kindly note that every procedure on how to apply successfully will be easy.

let me walk you through on how you can do that, use your browser to check for and get all you need from the portal.

If you want us to update you on other essential information regarding Navy Recruitment 2019, then let us know and comment below here.

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