Npower Pre-selected Candidates for November Batch 2017/2018  | list is out check here –

Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2017/2018  | list is out check here –

Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2017-2018 has been released by N-power support team for second edition of N-power Scheme. The 2016 N-power Volunteers also undergoes the same process of pre-selection before the final list of shortlisted candidates will be released. Here we will talk about the 2017-2018 Npower Pre-selected Candidates and how to know if you are among the 2017-2018 Npower Pre-selected Candidates also how to escape Npower physical Verification exercise.

Npower Assessment Test Result | Login and Check Result Online – 2017 Update

Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2017/2018  | list is out check here –

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Npower teach Shortlisted Candidates 2017 |  Check list here –

Navy Update | List of Successful Nigerian Navy Candidates 2017/2018 – | Npower Agro Shortlisted Candidates 2017 – View list here

N-power Enugu state – Npower Verification | Screening Date | venue of Npower Office

Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2017-2018 list is for applicants who was able to login and took the assessment test which is currently ongoing for Npower applicants and expected to end August 31th 2017, immediately N-power shortlisted candidates will be out of which those shortlisted will be deployed to their places of assignment….

2017-2018 Npower Pre-selected Candidates

The 2017-2018 Npower Pre-selected Candidates list has been released for those who took part in 2017 N-power Assessment test. For you to be pre-selected for N-power Scheme not a guarantee that you are shortlisted for the programme.

Those N-power applicants pre-selected will undergoes Npower physical Verification for them to be finally shortlisted for the program.

Possibility of being Pre-selected for N-power scheme 2017 exercise

All 2017-2018 Npower Pre-selected Candidates He must have all the requirements for taking the picture. Most; You must be a degree from a recognized Nigerian or pastor, because during the Personal Health Requirements you need to submit all your relevant documents.

Those that did not take part in the online assessment test do not have the Possibility of being Pre-selected for N-power scheme 2017 exercise. If you took part in the online assessment test successful the Possibility of being Pre-selected for N-power scheme 2017 exercise is at hand.

Follow the links below to know if you are among the Pre-selected candidates

Npower physical Verification for 2017-2018 Npower Pre-selected Candidates

As I stated earlier those 2017-2018 Npower Pre-selected Candidates will undergo a physical verification, which will be done at the Local Government Area where you will be assigned.

Npower verification will be based on your credentials and self verification; this will be done at the spot of your Local Government Area selected during the recruitment exercise. All applicants are warned to come along with all their documents which include:

  •  NYSC discharge Certificate
  • Applicant’s Degree Result
  • First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid National Identity Card
  • A recent Passport
  • Correct print out of section where your name appear on the N-power List

2017-2018 Npower Device selection

It is now certain that if you about to write your N-power assessment test you must first of all select a device of your choice. The type of device selected will be delivered to you if you are among the N-power successful candidates. Select wisely!


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  3. i want to know if teachers shortlisted list is out

  4. I can’t view N power teach shortlisted

  5. I want to know who are those got the npower

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    How many question you send during npower teach some said is 11 some but my question is 31

  7. am nt able to check the shortlisted candidates and no msg, pls wat can I do?

  8. Please, I need your help. I applied for npower last year but my name didn’t come out. And this year, I applied for npower-tax. I’ve written assessment test on 1st of July. But, I can’t view shortlisted candidates. No text message. What is the problem?


    I herd some people are being call upon to come to Abuja for the physical interview of which their is no particular post or update from Npower to back it up,I have been asking this question for some days now but got no answer. pls kindly tell us how real it is. Thanks

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    I am not able to view the shortlisted candidates. Is it not yet out?

  11. Please what user name and password are they asking off? To check result,any answer please?

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    i was unable to check for the short listed candidate i appy for teaching,

  15. Please I found it difficult to check my test result

  16. I have tried to see the shortlisted names, but no avail, the list, is really shortlisted?

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    if the result is out please let me know

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    it difficult to check test result and the pre- shortlisted why ?

  19. when shortlisted candidate will be updated pls?

  20. how l can check my name

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    kindly keep me updated pls, when the preselected names are ready

  22. I want to know by text message when the result is out please. It’s not clear to me here.

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    Gooddday, have not been to assess the shortlisted list.

  24. kuteyi oluwatosin says

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    good evening, please I have been unable to check the list as it keeps redirecting me to Facebook and some other pages. how can I access it please?

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    please update me in the recent npower scheme,because i applied N.POWER agro

  27. Haruna alhaji mohammed says

    I don’t see my name, how do i see it?

  28. OPUTA Richmond says

    Good evening, please how can I see the successful name on Agro Tech. The site is not opening.

  29. What of npower teach list? Some people said is out, is that true?

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    please, sir,I am unable to check my name in npvn to know if am shortlisted

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    It difficult checking on d shortlisted candidate, or is not yet out?

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    how do l check the shortlisted list for N teach.

  33. I have tried to view the short listed candidates, but it’s not opening.what should I do

  34. Nneka conchita says

    It was updated in the npower site that the result will be out by october november. Let us all exercise patience with them. They are really trying their best. Thanks

  35. the list is not out, if it is why not show it to us, or tell how to check.


    HELO ADMIN! kindly notify me when the list of successful applicant is out pls here is my PHONE number 08122894004 THANK YOU?

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    Please wat about build 2016 are u not going to release it again.

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    i’m still waiting

  39. Please sir,was unable to check the short listed candidates of N- Agro. Which I heard that is now out. And no massage yet

  40. I apply for N-agro with my ND certificate, but am not an agriculturiest am an engineer what could I do pls ?


    I have been trying to view the shortlisted candidates all to no avail.

  42. Is there any changes for 2017 npower programs

  43. way can we so to view the shortlisted candidates pls

  44. Good after sir/ Ma, i couldn’t check the short listed candidates for N- power Agro. which i heard is out. pls No mesg or mail to that effect??. pls update me on how to known if i am among the selected once. Thank you.

  45. Anthony rorobi says

    Please npower admin, if you know you have not rectified or worked on the list the way it should be done online, stop asking us to check online when there is nothing there. We are all humans. You people should be organized plz. With what I have notice, you have a poor management scheme here. Simply because people are looking for job doesn’t mean we are fools. Even getting upset here

  46. pls Admin work done all these news seems to be fake thanks for clarification. I will surely follow your comment.

  47. Good news to all Npower candidate -How To Successfully Check 2017 Npower Assessment Test Result Online, visit

  48. Eluu Christiana Uchenna says

    pls i apply for ntax, was call.pls i want to kw if de hv started the training at Abuja

  49. hmmm pls what is going on with npower.nteach i attempted 31 questions on d day i suppos to write it,

  50. Please do update me when the preselected candidate list is out

  51. Please do update me


    i wrote nhealth test and i can not check my name line is 08135172031

  53. yaro samuel says

    am yaro samuelj

  54. yaro samuel says

    am yaro samuel

  55. stop giving us false news because the list is not yet out

  56. AFOLABI AYOFE W says

    as a good nigerian how can u b making us to b wasting unbudget money on checking d name that is not yet is unfair o

  57. Hello sir, pls i having trying to check if the shortlisted names will be open but is not opening

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    How I Can Check My Name

  61. Good morning Sir, pls I apply for tax but I don’t know when the interview will start

  62. pls when list will be released?

  63. pls when list will be release?

  64. evening house, what will happen to those that did not select any device during registration or test excercise?
    Again, how do i know if am selected?

  65. howfar is the selected list? will a device be given to those that forgot to select a device during test exercise?

  66. fatayo omolola says

    please am finding it so difficult to check my npower teach result.i really need your help.



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    Please am unable to check my name to know if I am shortlisted. Please help me out. Thank you.

  70. Oladipupo Sunday Pelumi says

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    Please admin when is the result coming out and to check it and get to know is the issue now. Thanks

  73. What do npower says concerning the NCE holders ?

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  75. Please give me notice whenever the 2017 n-health physical verification commence

  76. Good afternoon sir/ma,please is the list for shortlisted candidates out.

  77. Jennifer Mgbudem says

    Plss admin someone called me today and told me that 2017/2018 n power verification is going, on which i rush to cafe to check if is true but i try all I could to know if the site will open , but nothing was opening. Plss update me once the shortlisted names are out , thanks

  78. Unman musa ajayi says

    Please when the physical verification will commence

  79. Grace okpiabhele says

    I applied under n-tax but am nit hearing anything about ntax ehat id happening

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    I m still waiting for npower preselected Ooo
    I check mind own not selected Ooo

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    I cann’t still know my verification date and day but I have received the message what do I do.

  82. Ebenezer Elliot says

    Admin good morning, I received a message that I have been pre selected for the physical verification, but couldn’t access list. Also want to know the date for the verification. Thanks

  83. Great gbosha to n_power administration. I see ur work,pls remember us set 2017/2018 to ur consideration in 2019 for permanent. Thank u sir.

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    Plz admin kindly aďd me up in your list,thanks

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