Perfect Kash Registration: Make 20K Every Week on

Perfect Kash Registration: Make 20K Every Week on

In Perfect Kash Registration, you‘re assured of making money on weekly basis on a onetime payment of N5000 or 0.0001bitcoin.

This is more of Provide Help to Get Help system. If you’re interested to join the system, then you can sign up here.

Perfect Kash is a perfect platform that provides steady and guaranteed income to its participants. With 100% in 2 days, members of Perfect Kash can earn 20K every week and ultimately no member can ever risk more than N5K.


Perfect Kash’s ideology is based on the provision of weekly income to it’s participants, with little or no risk.

This is achieved with the innovative Cycle System. This system creates a level playing field. Members with higher capital can’t gain more than others. And no member can ever risk more than N5,000. The reward is very high; N20,000 every week for as long as you are a participant of Perfect Kash.

There are 2 Levels on Perfect Kash, and every member has to start from Level 1;

How it Works

There are 2 Levels on Perfect Kash, and every member has to start from Level 1;

Level 1
Give 5,000

GH 10,000 (2 days)

Move to Level 2

Level 2
Give 10,000

GH 20,000 (4 days)

Return to Level 1


Level 1
Give 0.005

GH 0.01 (2 days)

Move to Level 2

Level 2
Give 0.01

GH 0.02 (4 days)

Return to Level 1

Perfect Kash Registration

How to Make your payment

Here on Perfect Kash, the system will automatically match you to whom to make payment to once you have registered under this platform.

You will be given only 6 hours to complete your payment after you account have been activated, failure to do it will lead to deactivation or blocking of account.

Once payment is done, your proof of payment must be uploaded for further verification before you can receive your own. For instance, once you make a payment of N5000 you will be obliged to upload your proof of payment or a screen shoot, them within some days, you will equally Get Help of N10,000 under Level 1.

The same thing happens in each level you upgrade to.

Perfect Kash Registration

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  1. Malomo lanre says

    My names is malomo Lanre.I have registers,having 2downlines under me for over a week ago but I have not been paid at all.I was paired on 1-9-2018 but that person named folukemi did not pay me.please do something. My friends are still waiting to see my alert to confirm the reality of perfectkash
    .please do something,

  2. malomo,have u been paid

  3. Ejedafeta A david says

    Good afternoon, my name is David, A Ejedafeta from perfect kash, I made a pleage of #5,000 since on 9 of September 2018. Since that time till now 23rd of September they have not still match anyone one to pay me, when others are ph and gh when is their time. People solve my issues, also I have a down line. My phone no:07035741909.

  4. Adeniyi Omolola says

    I av nt been match seen since all dis days talkless of recycle my acct & is almost 2 wks nw my GH is unpaired.hope dis platform is working sha.

  5. I haven’t been paired with anyone. I have provided help but when I click on to get help they keep telling me I need 150 reward to enable me ask for help… I also have two down line but none will provide help when I haven’t gotten mine…

  6. owoyemi isiaka adebisi says

    i have ph. still i havent been able to Gh.what is happening?.i try but it keep telling me i need 150 reward.why

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