Review: New Nokia 3310 (2017) review

New Nokia 3310 (2017) review – Nokia 3310 is the most advanced mobile device ever lived! While the technology was modified to bring with suitable mobile smart phone, Nokia 3310 still feed us with such wonderful excitement or some of the major counterparts can not. And you can ask what ever offered.

Guess it really serve and hit him a role in the time of need when we can not get their hands on modern cell phones. The strength of the phone is definitely a topic for another day, and battery power. A father and many of the phone back with more features that will make you want to own a mobile phone more time again.

Let us look at brief review of the new Nokia 3310, as it was received.

The New Nokia 3310 (2017) review

Weight: 79.6g

Dimensions: 115.6 x 51 x 12.8mm

OS: Nokia Series 30+

Screen size: 2.4-inch

Resolution: 240 x 320

Storage: 16MB, microSD (32GB)

Battery: 1,200mAh

Rear camera: 2MP

New Nokia 3310 prices

The Nokia 3310 price was set at € 49 (around $ 40, £ 35, AU $ 55), placing her right as a secondary phone purchase and one that can appeal to both Nokia fans and festival goers .

Nokia 3310 Release Date

There is a potential new Nokia 3310 release date yet, with basically only confirming that it will be available sometime in Q2 (April-June).

New Nokia 3310 design and display

Looking for a new Nokia 3310 front-on and there is no mistaking the phone is paying homage to.

A distinctive border around the screen layout of the NUM keys to the retro throwback, but Nokia has majorly slimmed down and new ways to design new 3310 supremely pocketable.

Review: New Nokia 3310 (2017) review

It tips the scales at only 79.6g, making it comfortably lighter than the original 137g, and once you slipped in your pocket you will forget it’s even there.

A synthetic feel confident, but only time will tell if it will withstand all the first generation of Nokia 3310 saved time and again.

New Nokia 3310 inspection

What is waiting for you on the screen then? Android? Nope. 10 Windows Mobile? Absolutely not.

Nokia stuck with feature phone operating system, with the new 3310 running on Nokia Series 30+.

This gives you a number of options menu of classics such as call logs, Contacts, Calculator and Messages into the original calendar, a web browser, photos, radio, music player, voice recorder and camera applications.

There is also an app store where you can download games and apps – although he is not currently in the hands on time with the phone.

We are told that Twitter and Facebook will back the new Nokia 3310, so we can see both crops up in the store when the phone goes on sale.

New Nokia 3310 gambling

Snake is back on the new Nokia 3310, but it is quite an overhaul of the version that graced the original 3310.

Call Snake Xenzia, the new version was gameloft and features a series of levels with different map layouts as well as the classic survival mode where you get an uninterrupted square to ply trade.

The snake looks, the more snake-like, and it is the color for your eyes and pleasure.

Snake is not just a game you can play on the new Nokia 3310 phone, we get their hands on and planning Asphalt 6: adrenaline, Diamond Twister 2, Doodle Jump Drag Race.

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