Softpay : Register On Softpay.Ning.Com And Get Double Of Your Money

Softpay: registered and get two money.

SoftPay is a peer to peer directly present platform was designed so that we can break free of all these deficits and we can have a clean slate so we can plan the next phase of our lives.

SOFTPAY will create a continuous loop of the transfer account of the race to another.

SOFTPAY fully automated. All funds transferred to other participants to help in your own good candidate, absolutely gratis

While Fake Pop will be forever blocked within 24 hours and account details, phone number, and email will not work on the system

VERY important!

Softpay : Register On Softpay.Ning.Com –  There is NO Central Account where all financial System running (and which can be easily stolen from). All the money only on the banking accounts of the participants themselves, on a several thousand million private accounts of participants.

Participants transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries, we are the only organized form – nothing.

100% Bonus increment Sign-up today for a free instant account and get better in the future with us! ??

Get 100% free 48hrs.

To provide relief from many listed system suited to both participants and present to you soon

grant is available or if you are not paired with 48 hours.

Softpay : Register On Softpay.Ning.Com And Get Double Of Your Money

You can be assured that we will work to maintain the stability of the nation. Get 100% free 48hrs. There are different arm measures

₦ 5,000 ₦ 10,000 ₦ 20,000 ₦ 40,000, # 50,000 and #



₦ 5,000Donation THE

GET ₦ 10,000

₦ 10,000Donation THE

GET ₦ 20,000

₦ 20,000Donation THE

GET ₦ 40,000

₦ 50,000Donation THE

GET ₦ 100,000

₦ 100,000Donation THE

GET ₦ 200,000

When you offer help to the member, will provide assistance to 100% increase.


Softpay : Register On Softpay.Ning.Com  – We are an international free adjusting Social helping community. We are a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that provides services, resources, education, training and information to people who need support and people are looking for opportunities in the community.

With the drop-in center, and 24-hour hotline as our base, we are working to coordinate and deliver the individual functions in Centre County. This is a community of people who change the world, people who have no guarantee of paid money. to donate money to help people, this simple people as they are, the problems.

Site and virtual accounts are only tools to help people to help each other. Program only collects information from people who need help in this time and sends the information to people who are willing to provide this aid

How it works

Softpay : Register On Softpay.Ning.Com – We read diligently challenge Peer2Peer help system and we gradually find solution to the challenge and with determination and selflessness of our participants, we are here to stay a very long time.

We are not a bank, or we do not work in the middle of account where all the money is stored, rather than put all the power in the hands of participants.

We are a platform where we provide free of charge to another.


SOFTPAY banking,

SOFTPAY do not collect money,

No lenders and debtors. Everything is very simple: one daughter to ask for help


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