Tetrismart.com – Tetri Smart Register, Login and Details

Tetrismart.com – Tetri Smart Register, Login and Details

Tetrismart.com – Tetri Smart is here to make life better and easier about the payment pattern.We at the center, where members help members create trade.

Goals & Objectives

Tetrismart.com – To reach the 20million people 5years with our marketing plan and help them achieve financial freedom, thereby achieving their dreams. A vibrant customer service team that brought issues in 48hours max.


To encourage people to restore public. To create job opportunities and wealth for partners. To help partners get the full value of the time with us.

Tetrismart.net – Tetri Smart Works

How does it work?

Log in to www.tetrismart.com

To register.

Tetrismart.com – After signing up, you should login to update your bank details and choose the package you want to help. Note that you immediately suitable for Payment. So, if you know the money, Pleaase dont sign up for a package.

We have 10,000, N20,000, N40,000 100,000. Guess what you can work more than one package in one account.

All you need to do is to share the first pay package, while you are waiting, you can register for an account.

Get an upgrade to Grade 1 level by helping the sum of 10,000 naira only support that will be generated for you.

You have 24 hours to present once the appropriate payments.

Tetrismart.com – Tetri Smart Register, Login and Details

After making your gift recipient is obliged to make the payment within 24 hours or service will play.

After 5 participants will be suitable to pay N10,000 common N50,000 then manage and upgrade two to stage one will do N100,000.


Tetrismart.com  – To upgrade Grade level 2. donate 20,000 naira to support and be compatible with 5 participants receive 100,000 naira. {20,000 naira x 5 = 100,000 naira.

You run Effective Grade level 3. You will donate 40,000 naira to support proper and 5 participants receive 200,000 naira. {40,000 naira x 5 = 200,000 naira.

So you can move your Grade level 4 {GL4. You donate 80,000 naira to support and be compatible with 5 participants receive 400,000 naira. {80,000 naira x 5 = 400,000 naira.


Tetrismart.com  – At last you are in Grade 5 {level GL5. You donate 160,000 naira to support and be compatible with 5 participants receive 800,000 naira. {160,000 naira x 5 = 800,000 naira.

The system will automatically leave you.


* NO Mika

* 3: 1 pairing Matrix

* 300% Return on Investment

* Report Button for funny participants

* Auto pairing. (You get paid, immedaitely you choose a package. NO delay.

* Auto blocking

* Various Package N10,000. N20,000. N40,0000. N100,000 gives you 300%

* You can have more than one function in a package account.


Tetris Mart

Building Your Wealth!

With respect to?

You are both with or without access referal and you get 10% for each game.

Peer to peer

No Central Account, you only pay for fellow candidates

Customer Support

We robust Customer Service.

Tetrismart.com – members are to click here via registration


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  3. I lost 200,000,000 after 2 weeks it crashed I went too Far until I was paid half of the money, and unknown number called me three days ago and pay in the remaining.
    So guys tetrismart is still on for more confirmation
    Call 08108085659

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