: indeed gives total cash : indeed gives total cash provide 200% of the expenditure with the expenditure.


TOTAL-cash is a system developed by the concerned person after treatment with the challenges faced by other similar peer-to-peer systems such as:

Poor or cheap server.

M matching system.

Limited Database capacity.

System insecurity

Flood Cyberbeggers

And lots more

We are here to provide a comprehensive solution to all these problems and provide any further information to the industry.

We have a dedicated cloud server for suitable language skills as you browse through our platform. Our server unlimited number of users at the time so you do not have experience and difficulty getting services

TOTALCASH is here to serve you, and help out with your money problems.

Come join us on a journey to financial freedom!

Will pay FAST

TOTALCASH is a peer-to-peer free model. No central account. Each member gets free form a member you get paid in a short period of time ranging from a few hours to three days.

remote server

We are waiting for work, and dedicated server to ensure a hitch free access to our website. We will not be maintenace for any reason. No need to be scared about loosing your money

meeting Purging

Everyone hates Cyberbeggers Ave we have put every measure in place for motherfuckers. Shoot a Cyberbegger delete help clear system of miscrants.


Repeat as many times as you want and keep the bank alert on a steady basis.

AVAlIABLE packages

pack 1

Make a gift of NGN10,000 to get NGN30,000 from three different members.

pack 2

Make a gift of NGN20,000 to get NGN60,000 from three different members.

pack 3

Make a gift of NGN50,000 to get NGN150,000 from three different members.

pack 4

Make a gift of NGN100,000 to get NGN300,000 from three different members.

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